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in a hilarious manner


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But Grey Beaver laughed loudly, and slapped his thighs, and told the happening to all the rest of the camp, till everybody was laughing uproariously.
Later that evening, Kate was spotted getting uproariously drunk with hunky Orlando at the restaurant in the Covent Garden Hotel.
Appearing on stage twice, first to archly recite (and uproariously comment upon) a congratulatory letter from their mutual leading lady Meryl Streep, then to actually present the award to Hoffman, Nicholson had the crowd of 1,100 roaring at his every inflection.
Unfortunately for them, one of their targets was a member of Her Majesty's Press, a Mirror hack who was able to describe in detail how the troops threw bangers out of their armoured vehicles while laughing uproariously.
At the very least, the actress, who plays ``Ally McBeal's'' uproariously uptight Ling, gets to cut loose here like nobody's business.
Then he went to India to investigate "laughter clubs", where large numbers of people get together and are ordered to laugh uproariously at nothing.
Uproariously lampooning every dark speculation that's been made about his ``King of the World'' lifestyle, Leo abuses a girlfriend, trashes hotel rooms, maintains an entourage, gambles away fortunes and conducts orgies, all the while making narcissistic story suggestions to the desperate Lee.
Sutherland has a distinctive ability to combine extreme concepts and even wackier characters to create a story that is both uproariously funny and thought provoking.
Trinidad has an innate understanding of this very British universe of deadpan inanity; he's able to manage his actors' paces well, their individual bags of jokes, punchlines and visual gags landing uproariously most of the time.
The attack delighted Tory backbenchers who cheered uproariously for more than 30 seconds.
Hilarious, cheeky and uproariously entertaining, with a batch of songs performed by a cast of performers and puppets, Avenue Q is the musical like no other.
A remarkably astute individual who '' followed his players' every movement virtually 24-hours a day and was rarely outwitted by any of them, Big Jock could be uproariously funny at times.
Along with Wreck It Ralph, this is one of the most uproariously funny kids' CGI movies in years.
Despite outwardly negative reviews the movie has released since its release, it still has its uproariously humorous moments to it.