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Synonyms for uproar

Synonyms for uproar

a condition of intense public interest or excitement

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

offensively loud and insistent utterances, especially of disapproval

Synonyms for uproar

loud confused noise from many sources

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If a man among this crowd, whose uproar strikes us deaf, crosses the threshold of the House of Commons, I swear to run my sword that moment--not into his, but into your body
The Danaans then fled panic-stricken towards their ships, and all was uproar and confusion.
Shortly after mid-day, a great uproar of shouting and cheering broke out in the camp, with mustering of men and calling of bugles.
If there had been uproar and shouting before, it was as naught to the noise which now broke forth.
If they hear any groaning or uproar as of men fighting about the house, they are not to come out, but are to keep quiet and stay where they are at their work.
New Delhi [India], Mar 07 ( ANI ): The Rajya Sabha was adjourned till 2 pm on Wednesday following the Opposition's uproar on various issues.
29 and its subsequent statements that appeared to downplay the risks in the aftermath of the public uproar.
AC Judge Mohammad Bashir, who took up the case for hearing, later issued order for Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad to probe the incident of lawyers' uproar.
There was immediately an uproar from the conservative clergy against this change.
Radio Uproar also helps artists raise funds through their crowdfunding platform, advertises artists and even gives members an opportunity to earn a revenue all while never charging members for anything.
And as for host Bruce Forsyth, who turned 85 in February, Bruno thinks it will cause a national uproar when he quits.
The uproar could force a vote on the reform that would allow supermarkets up to a 51 per cent stake in retail ventures.
uk COMING UPROAR DISPLAYS UPROAR Firework displays will take place across North Wales: Tonight at Cyffylliog Village, tomorrow at Tir Prince in Towyn and on Sunday in Pwllheli town centre.
Following the uproar, Mr Obama admitted he could have "calibrated those words differently".
a state of commotion, excitement, or violent disturbance <Now the dining room was in an uproar.