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Synonyms for upright

Synonyms for upright

at right angles to the horizon or to level ground

directed or pointed upward

having or marked by uprightness in principle and action

Synonyms for upright

a vertical structural member as a post or stake

a piano with a vertical sounding board

in a vertical position


of moral excellence


Related Words

upright in position or posture

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Shelves make organizing and finding food in your upright freezer easy allowing you to view and access items quickly.
The company's FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI (aka Stand-Up MRI) scanner is reportedly the world's only MRI scanner licensed under FONAR's multiple UPRIGHT MRI patents to scan all the patient's body parts in their normal multiple, full weight-bearing UPRIGHT positions.
Ambam and his sister have a particular talent at standing and walking completely upright on two legs.
Typically you need 13 uprights although it depends on the design.
One customer, True MRI, purchased its 13th and 14th FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI.
HiLo-PSS' Sacrificial Leg comprises of a rolled, hollow section with a heavy-duty base plate for transmitting the load from the upright through the floor.
In this case, the student needs to retrain the internal muscles that will keep him upright, and the tube will help support the skeletal frame while the abdominal and back muscles are becoming more conditioned.
Sebo was voted most reliable upright, while Miele topped the cylinder category.
When you put a fairing on [an upright bike] you can [only] get up to 97 kilometers (60 miles) per hour," says David Gordon Wilson, a professor of engineering at MIT.
Upright brands(1): B, DD, Eu, H; B, DD, Dy, El, Eu, H, K, P; B, DD, Dy, Eu, H; B, DD, Eu, F, H
One of the earliest known hominids, a 6-million-year-old member of humanity's evolutionary family, walked upright with nearly the same facility as do people today, according to a new fossil analysis.
More than 5,100 people with different brands of upright cleaner and almost 2,600 with cylinders models were questioned about their reliability.
According to gynecologist Dr Carol Upright of Stanford, Conn.
To bevel the top end of each upright, mark all four sides 112 inch from the top and make four 45' cuts; sand smooth.
In selecting a microscope, researchers in the materials sciences must choose between an inverted model, usually called a metallograph, or an upright.