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to move (something) to a higher position

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For as men shift their fashions for new Shapes; They are in Soules the same (Inconstant Apes) Which each Booke-seller knows; for as to day, Your Pasquill like a mad-cap runnes away; To morrow Playes; the next day History; More strange another time, Diuinitie; And in my Age (which is indeed most rare) I haue known Gallants buy vp Bookes of Prayer; But they were Gamsters, loosing all in swearing Try'd a contrarie way in their uprearing.
T]aken as a whole, the hordes of Jews that are now coming to us from Russia and the extreme southeast of Europe, with their intense individualism and ideals of gain at the cost of any interest, represent the opposite extreme from the early English and the more recent Scandinavian immigration with their ideals of community life in the open country, advancement by the swear of the brow, and the uprearing of families in the fear of God and the love of country.
The same paragraph continues into Hightower's fantasy of the "boys" in action, which is again very erotic: "the trees uprearing against that red glare as though fixed too in terror .
You can see it, hear it: the shouts, the shots, the shouting of triumph and terror, the drumming hooves, the trees uprearing against that red glare as though fixed too in terror, the sharp gables of houses like the jagged edge of the exploding and ultimate earth.