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Synonyms for uprear

to move (something) to a higher position

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Hudson's paintings are scenes along the Monterey coast--sea-scapes, in sunshine and shadow, in calm and storm; rugged rock-strewn shores smothered in a swelter of breakers, and long stretches of gleaming sands with slipping, foam-capped tides creeping in undulating line across its shifting surface, while away on the horizon the level sun sends shafts of golden light in a shimmering pathway across the unquiet water; landscapes depicting white sand dunes adrift about a dwarfed and misshapen shrub, or cool, peaceful woods where sentry-like, the giant sequoias uprear their tall heads while sunshine filters in a golden shower between their drooping branches and, through the purple-hazed vista, one glimpses the rugged mountains beyond.
the fishpond Sinbad Who poises his pastel spear Toward three pinky-purple Monsters which uprear Off the ocean floor.