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a swinging blow directed upward (especially at an opponent's chin)

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He struck the victim in the upper thigh in what was described as an uppercut fashion, before dropping the knife and heading towards Picton Road.
Hazard: The Uppercut sheath does not hold the knife securely, allowing the knife to come out of the sheath unexpectedly, posing a laceration hazard.
It happened naturally, I fired the uppercut and it worked for me.
Mitchell kept largely to the ropes but remained faithful to that hurtful left uppercut in the fifth.
Mitchell kept to the ropes but remained faithful to that hurtful left uppercut in the fifth.
He landed a thunderous uppercut and a series of body shots as he mixed up his punches although the Armenian-born fighter landed a flush right hand at the end of the second round.
Stafford Crown Court heard yesterday how the 41-year-old was felled by an uppercut punch and left lying unconscious on the floor.
In the third, Clottey had success with straight right hands as Pacquiao was coming in and also caught the champion flush with a good left uppercut.
Following constant encouragement to attack more from his corner, Clottey did land some blows, with a left uppercut followed by a heavy left hook in the 10th round, which Pacquiao admitted rattled him.
Cotto struck Pacquiao with a left uppercut late in the round and landed a right uppercut in the fourth before he was again knocked to the canvas.
ENGLAND footballer Steven Gerrard launched a volley of uppercut punches at a man in a row over music, a court heard.
Having seen off Tony Oakey over a gruelling 12 rounds in October to claim the belt, the Welshman showed his power by flooring African Otieno in Widnes with a devastating right uppercut.
In Round 3, Rothwell came out bloody and dazed and Arlovski teed-off on Rothwell's head and finally put him away with a bone-cracking uppercut.
Those blows seemed to hurt the 29-year-old Osborne (4-11-2), and Rodriguez went upstairs with a combination, punctuating the barrage with an uppercut that staggered Osborne and caused the referee to stop it at 2:55 of the fourth round.
Furious, he hauled him out of the bed, landed a right uppercut, threw him down the stairs, then picked him up by the scruff of his neck and threw him out the front door.