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occupying the upper part of the middle socioeconomic range in a society

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Third, I'd throw in student loan-forgiveness plans, which are likely to disproportionately benefit upper-middle-class families who borrow heavily to attend graduate school.
Flanagan's attitude toward household chores and the way her imagined upper-middle-class audience customarily deals with them is pure white guilt.
In one, an upper-middle-class mother describes how her only son, Mickey, refers to his nanny, Telma, as "mommy.
And our family was riddled with upper-middle-class, white, college-educated professionals and executives.
After delivering an articulate Q&A, director Ernest Dickerson introduced this enter-mining chronicle of an African-American, upper-middle-class family, headed by the wonderful Whoopi Goldberg, growing up in the white-bread suburbs of the 1970s.
Her focus upon a radical democratic reading of the text, meaning that the text is never to be read alone or only with people from similar social locations, speaks to the author's recognition that she comes from a European, upper-middle-class, academic setting in which wo/men are marginalized, but certainly not to the extent of other wo/men in the world.
Juxtaposed to somewhat romanticized accounts of life's lessons imparted as stern pearls of barbershop wisdom, the methodological approach of "the 100 way"--with its emphasis on higher education and upper-middle-class ideals of cultural refinement--opens a can of class-conscious worms reminiscent of the Talented Tenth versus the vocational bootstraps debate between W.
Restaurateurs and celebrities are looking at the success of restaurants that target the middle-and upper-middle-class African American demographic," says Scott Mills, senior vice president of business development for BET Holdings, the parent company of Black Entertainment Television.
Riordan said Catholic schools are "getting dangerously close to where if you go another 10 years, the majority of students in the schools will be upper-middle-class kids," reported Education Week.
Those tables are full of holes because they've been standardized on white upper-middle-class males -- people who could afford to buy life insurance policies," says Dr.
The drama is set in the living room of an upper-middle-class home in suburbia.
His definition of the middle class is extremely generous, taking in perhaps 90 percent of the population; several times he goes out of his way to say that the upper-middle-class (meaning, to use one of his examples, people like orthodontists with six-figure incomes) is troubled, too.
Wingard of the University of California, San Diego, studied 1, 186 white, upper-middle-class women age 41 to 92.
Set in the mid-1970's, the film follows the story of upper-middle-class musical prodigy 'Valentine' (Benjamin) and lower-class free spirit 'Chevon' whose families are opposed to their inter-racial relationship.
But then she veers off into taking shots at the parenting practices of a minority of her upper-middle-class peers.