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at an elevated level in rank or importance

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The bridge project provides for the rehabilitation of the structural steel on the upper-level roadway deck and support structure to maintain it in a state of good repair.
Parents at the meeting said students were confused over which upper-level classes they could take next year and asked the board to provide further clarification on what would be acceptable.
For example, while a business statistics class may be a prerequisite for an upper-level cost accounting class, it may not necessarily predict student performance as well as an introductory managerial accounting class, which is also a prerequisite.
On December 14th, an upper-level disturbance moving across southern portions of California and Nevada spread moisture into a chilly air mass that was in place across the Mojave Desert.
A full repaving of the eastbound upper-level lanes will be carried out under phase one of the $10.
A bankruptcy judge will allow Delta Air Lines to establish a severance plan for some officers and upper-level managers who are laid off during its reorganization.
Florence Police and Boone County Sheriff's deputies soon arrived and arrested the suspect without incident near the store's upper-level entrance.
This is just one of the practices in Survivor College, which examines ways to boost university effectiveness--for faculty and upper-level administration, even strategic planning.
Instead of teaching upper-level accounting courses at the university level, you'll be teaching Accounting 101, Intermediate Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Math, QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree Accounting or Income Tax.
Librarians can improve one-time library instruction in graduate and upper-level courses by implementing information literacy standards.
DeBold said two upper-level HHS staffers told her the conference "did not fit with Secretary [Tommy] Thompson's vision.
Gray said several factors are inhibiting storms this year: cooler Atlantic basin sea-surface temperatures, a large increase in Atlantic sea-surface pressures and a strengthening of tropical easterly trade winds and upper-level westerly winds.
The two Ohio institutions are offering a bachelor's degree completion program that will allow students at the Cuyahoga school to complete core courses, earn an associate's degree or equivalent, then take a selected number of "bridge courses" designed to prepare them for the upper-level courses taken through Franklin.
As upper-level air passes over mountains, it mixes with air from the ground, transporting pollution downward.
The percentage of minorities in upper-level broadcasting jobs (i.