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the highest or uppermost side of anything

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Specifically, we impose a time-dependent displacement, oriented along the direction of [alpha], on the points belonging to the upper side, the lower side being, as before, built in.
A liquid leakage detection system, including an infusion tube coupled to a syringe needle, an absorbent element adapted to be placed in a vicinity of a point of the syringe needle to be pricked through a patient skin and a sensor unit located on an upper side or within the absorbent element.
Eventually, the wooden crate is further sealed using wooden bars on the upper side.
The excess of the material forms a neck on the lower side of the hole and a bushing on the upper side of the sheet, by these means increasing the wall thickness and strength of the hole.
Raising questions on the security arrangements in place at the zoo, the Delhi Police has questioned why the stand- off barrier was just three feet long and why a plane platform was in place on the upper side of Vijay's enclosure.
The model also features high-output air conditioning mounted on the upper side of the cabin to maximize space and ensure a good operating environment.
To a question, he said that wisdom teeth were four in number-two at upper side and two at lower side and added that people had attached myths about wisdom teeth which were ingenuine.
The welder was working on the upper side of fuel tanker when the explosion occurred," he said.
pergaea (Geyer, 1832), however, it differs from the former by its smaller size and the absence of whitish and reddish markings on the upper side of the wings (Fig.
Eggs are laid in slits in the midvein on the upper side of the leaves.
Its name and the azure-blue tint is said to resemble ocean's freshness and the classic, angular silhouettes design of the bottle, portrays masculinity at its most tranquil which serves as a contrast to the warm and luxurious character of the solid wood inlay on the upper side of the bottle.
The idea is to show appearances on the upper side," she said, "and the hidden iceberg effect -- underwater.
Moreover, when excavating on an angled surface, it is wise to situate your pile on the upper side of the trench.
Hybrid Capital arranged $13,000,000 in financing for the owners of Grate's Marketplace, a gourmet food market on Manhattan's Upper Side.
Meanwhile talking to the provincial ministers, Imran Khan also expressed satisfaction that the provincial cabinet and assembly members waged war against corruption from the upper side and from themselves.
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