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the highest or uppermost side of anything

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The iconic Red Tab of the Levi's brand, which is mostly found at the side of the denim's back pocket, now prominently displayed on the upper side of the shoe.
General Rasoul said that the Iraqi forces will launch complementary operation to free Anbar desert and the regions in the upper side of the Euphrates River in Western Iraq up to the borders with Syria in the coming days.
Some of the members of the Standing Committee visited the site of the project from Chitral side while some members attended the briefing held at Dir Upper Side.
Simple X-ray of the knee showed no abnormalities and a discoid medial meniscus with peripheral and horizontal tear and the upper side of the meniscus folded in the intercondylar notch was found on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan with no other abnormalities associated (Figure 1).
A liquid leakage detection system, including an infusion tube coupled to a syringe needle, an absorbent element adapted to be placed in a vicinity of a point of the syringe needle to be pricked through a patient skin and a sensor unit located on an upper side or within the absorbent element.
The excess of the material forms a neck on the lower side of the hole and a bushing on the upper side of the sheet, by these means increasing the wall thickness and strength of the hole.
To a question, he said that wisdom teeth were four in number-two at upper side and two at lower side and added that people had attached myths about wisdom teeth which were ingenuine.
The welder was working on the upper side of fuel tanker when the explosion occurred," he said.
pergaea (Geyer, 1832), however, it differs from the former by its smaller size and the absence of whitish and reddish markings on the upper side of the wings (Fig.
Eggs are laid in slits in the mid-vein on the upper side of the leaves.
Hybrid Capital arranged $13,000,000 in financing for the owners of Grate's Marketplace, a gourmet food market on Manhattan's Upper Side.
Meanwhile talking to the provincial ministers, Imran Khan also expressed satisfaction that the provincial cabinet and assembly members waged war against corruption from the upper side and from themselves.
We are the third generation to live here, and let me tell you categorically that this land belongs to us regardless of whether we are Sunnis or Shias," said Bashir, adding that they would stand together to defend the 2,000 kanals of land located on the upper side of the village.
Traffic cone thrown from nearby roadworks at house smashing upper side bathroom window.
With this section, the upper side of the piping network has been fully completed and connected to Empower's Business Bay Executive Towers' main plant.
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