upper respiratory tract

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At baseline, demographic data (date of birth, sex, weight, height), vital signs, symptoms of the upper respiratory tract infection and physical examination were obtained.
As the pandemic evolves, perhaps we may see more cases with florid infection in the lower respiratory tract and not so much virus in the upper respiratory tract," said Dr.
Risk-benefit ratios for upper respiratory tract infections
In conclusion, the study confirms Pinimenthol[R] ointment as a well tolerated therapy option for upper respiratory tract infections in both adolescents and adults.
In 2002, the same team found that such pollution increased the risk for asthma and upper respiratory tract infections in young children.
Both Haemophilus influenzae and Streptococcus pneumoniae can establish residence in the upper respiratory tract either separately or together.
That being said, I find it worthy of note that our most frequent non-hospital consultation that invites our counsel is on the methods of bearing with, or enduring, the simple Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or URTI.
10K and up), 50 to 70% of runners may experience symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).
Other side effects included upper respiratory tract infections (38%), rhinitis (28%), and increased appetite (23%).
Epithelial cells from esophagus, vagina, oral pharynx, mouth, upper respiratory tract or amnion could be ideal targets for this promoter.
Sore throats were second, followed by acne, various trauma injuries and upper respiratory tract infection - better known as colds.
Among the 32 patients who developed infections after hospital discharge, upper respiratory tract infections and dermatomal zoster dominated.
Areas of study include population structure, reproductive success, hatchling survivorship, and the prevalence of upper respiratory tract disease.
The cooling process begins in the brain, and the researchers have discovered that the internal carotid arteries, which supply blood to the brain, are enveloped by a pair of air-filled pouches associated with the upper respiratory tract.
Slightly higher exposure causes irritation of the upper respiratory tract
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