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rearmost or uppermost area in the balcony containing the least expensive seats

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Summary: Looking across the creek from an upper balcony on the houseboat, Dubai's skyline is basked in the last few rays of late afternoon sun breaking through the cloud.
to the center a man leans over the edge of an upper balcony and shakes
The upper balcony, drawing on the spatial variety of Scharoun's Vineyard Terrace (based on the idea that people gather in circles to listen to music informally), wraps the audience all the way around the performers.
The children enjoyed sitting on the little porch in miniature wicker rocking chairs and standing on the upper balcony, where they viewed all the festivities of the adults.
Its auditorium is fully intact but has a suspended ceiling cutting off the upper balcony.
On the upper balcony, the feel is more intimate, the noise of the chatter from the tables below reduced.
The library's upper balcony will also host a 2-Tone related display that will stay up for a fortnight.
How much: $28 for orchestra and lower balcony; $20 for middle and upper balcony.
Barrett Dodds, the owner of an art and antiques boutique, grabbed a bar stool to throw at Talovic from an upper balcony, but he couldn't stand to throw it because Talovic was shooting upward toward the balcony.
Ticket prices for the show run from 1,800 yuan (pounds 120) for stage-side seats to 300 yuan (pounds 20) for the upper balcony.
Sweet Charity" sells CDs in Avon catalogs, and filled empty seats in the upper balcony with a successful $25 ticket offer through the Daily News.
Putting his helmet and body armour on, he went out onto the upper balcony and gestured for silence.
With no upper balcony at the Knightsbridge, this exchange was cut.
This is pure theatre with a staircase spiralling down from an upper balcony where guests or fashion models can make a grand entrance a la Ziegfeld Follies.
Ramon Andrade and ``Big Lou'' Ruiz of Rosemead started early, waving a golden Lakers flag from the upper balcony and trying to launch cheers while many fans were still finding their seats.