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designed for consumers with high incomes


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Financial markets scan John Lewis's weekly figures for clues on the health of consumer spending, although its upmarket chains largely reflect the spending habits of middle-income shoppers.
Socialist councillor Dave Nellist raised concerns that independent traders in the south half could be priced out of Coventry city centre, with a projected trebling of rental income from a more upmarket shopping area.
There are just 100 of the "collectors' item" noodles, which come in a green and gold jar - the colours of the livery of the upmarket store in Knightsbridge, London.
And, in the very same week that statistics show premium has overtaken value us the most significant source of growth, this moves Asda to be parking the proverbial tanks on some very upmarket lawns.
QUALITY: Hawksley House will provide upmarket accommodation for businesspeople.
They hope to do away with ugly roadside barriers, vandalised benches and concrete planters and install new road layouts, upmarket seating areas and floral displays.
Confident of the need to play in the entry-level arena, it sells Suzukis and Daewoos as Chevrolets while moving its domestic small car upmarket.
The NEC moved a step closer towards its masterplan aim to redefine itself as more than just an exhibition centre yesterday, with the opening of a new upmarket hotel.
THE latest development from Bovis Homes is an upmarket clutch of five-bedroom detached houses on Barry Island, with prices starting at pounds 292,750.
The Australian-born beauty, 32, wants to snap up a luxury house in an upmarket part of town, but is having trouble finding the right one.
A historic urban railway viaduct has been imaginatively revitalised to provide an elevated linear park and upmarket shop and office units.
The upmarket Xintiandi district is part of an urban revitalisation project comprising trendy boutiques, restaurants and shops in the heart of the city centre of Shanghai, Puxi.
Teenage summer markets offering quirky products from young stallholders and Upmarket Sundays are proving a hit in Huddersfield.
Sir Fred and wife Joyce, 49, are regular visitors to golf clubs, spas and upmarket restaurants around the Cannes area.