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Synonyms for uphill

Synonyms for uphill

not easy to do, achieve, or master

Synonyms for uphill

the upward slope of a hill

sloping upward

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Mrs Uphill said that at around 5pm on January 4 this year she had an argument with Samuel outside her home.
There is a paucity of data on cardiovascular responses to an uphill and the downhill walk at [+ or -] 15% gradient.
The aim of the present study was to determine if level and uphill Crs are correlated in a heterogeneous population of mountain runners, and if this relationship is strong enough to calculate uphill Cr from level Cr with di Prampero equation.
ISSI and Uphill had originally agreed, on 12 March, to a 19.
I suggest the council has a census as to how many people use this service, in particular on the uphill journey to the bus station.
A financial sector analyst has said that the Indian central bank governor has an uphill task.
The speaker will be Dave Hollyman, who will give an illustrated talk on Caerphilly motorcycling legend Malcolm Uphill.
Increasing the incline on a treadmill or running or walking uphill is a great way to burn calories," says Kelly Gonzalez, a fitness consultant in Manhattan Beach, Calif.
Gandy admitted the race pace had not been planned, saying: "I felt like I was swimming uphill.
Summary: Countries are using London's World Travel Market conference this week to pitch to the industry - they face an uphill battle.
Thanks to the geometry of the game, he says, there's a magic spot just uphill of a hole.
Pass the lake, turn left uphill past a quarry on the right and follow the track past a larger quarry face.
is pleased to announce the introduction of its Nitrofreeze[R] Uphill Quenching Service to maximize stress relief in cast, heat treated and forged aluminum parts.
In reflecting upon the thousand-mile journey they took by boat to explore the Casiquiare River, which flows through present-day Colombia and Venezuela to unite the Orinoco and the Amazon river systems, Along the River That Flows Uphill authors Richard Starks and Miriam Murcutt must confront the inner narratives that have given them a passion for adventure and exploration but which have, at the same time, placed them in danger.