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Synonyms for uphill

Synonyms for uphill

not easy to do, achieve, or master

Synonyms for uphill

the upward slope of a hill

sloping upward

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said I in his very own tone, "you're far too fond of the uphill game; you will eventually fall a victim to the sporting spirit and nothing else.
Downhill the men rather gained on me, but uphill I began to distance them.
He flicked his whip and climbed the incline, stepping clumsily uphill by the side of the carriage, one hand on the footboard, his eyes on the ground.
It was uphill work for a foreigner, lame or sound, to make his way with the Bleeding Hearts.
The letter, which was scrawled in pencil uphill and downhill and round crooked corners, ran thus:
Accordingly, next morning, Sam Weller issued forth upon his quest, in no way daunted by the very discouraging prospect before him; and away he walked, up one street and down another --we were going to say, up one hill and down another, only it's all uphill at Clifton--without meeting with anything or anybody that tended to throw the faintest light on the matter in hand.
NASDAQ: ISSI) today announced that its previously announced acquisition by Uphill Investment Co.
We must not expend all our limited resources in trying to make water flow uphill.
The second area is a further 600m walk - from here spectators can watch the cars negotiate a series of sweeping and tightening bends before a fast uphill section to crest the climb.
Uphill Battle: Reflections On Viet Nam Counterinsurgency documents why a major nation and military powerhouse lost to a relatively small country, and comes from an author who was assigned to Viet Nam in 1962 as a young Foreign Service officer.
It is a long uphill walk to the bus station, especially if you have some shopping to carry.
Key speakers include Carolyn Uphill, chair of the National Landlords Association.
The uphill lie, where the front foot is higher than the back foot, is going to launch the ball higher into the air because the loft on the club into the ball is going to increase due to the slope angle.
If these obstructions are to stay, double yellow lines are needed but the daftest one of all is one in Browns Lane on the side of the road as you are going uphill - just wait until we have some snow or ice and the driver needs to keep going uphill to keep the grip.
More recent images show the original piece of rock struck by the rover's wheel, slightly uphill from where Pinnacle Island came to rest.