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become turned or set on end

set, turn, or stand on end

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It would be great to report that Bear Cub (Cachorro), a Spanish comedy-drama directed by Miguel Albaladejo, upends sitcom convention to generate its own quirky, revelatory crackle and rhythm.
When the love of God upends our self-oriented lives so that we become not only aware of but also passionately concerned about the needs of others, then our light will truly shine in such a way that people will be drawn to experience the grace of God in our congregations.
Comic book writer, screenwriter, historian, and parent Gerard Jones upends that thinking in his new book Killing Monsters: Why Children Need Fantasy, Super Heroes, and Make-Believe Violence (Basic).
In a discovery that upends the study of human origins, scientists have unearthed remains of what they say is the earliest known member of the human evolutionary family.
Their decision upends important orders that have helped counteract unfair trade practices and kept good steelworker jobs here in the United States.
Returning writer Adam Herz cooks up a number of scenarios to make them believe otherwise: A compromising tableau involving their family dogs; Stifler and cake in the wrong place; a quiet get-to-know-you dinner that Stifler upends with bachelor party strippers; the requisite, ill-advised crotch-based misadventure, this one involving hair and still another baked good; and just about anything else Stifler can wreck and make it look like Jim's doing.