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become turned or set on end

set, turn, or stand on end

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I've seen the sending-off again from a better angle and from Brad's viewpoint I don't think he's gone out and made a deliberate attempt to upend him," said O'Neill.
Upend, Shortfall and Contraband were all bred by P eter Player, the former chairman of Newmarket racecourse and the National Stud.
Despite their pudgy profiles, pandas upend themselves quite well, backing up to a vertical surface and walking their rear legs upwards (SN: 1/27/01, p.
Yet this move is not some Dada displacement of merchandise into an art context to upend both art and commerce.
A sensitive boy approaches manhood while infidelity, alcoholism and a stepmother with strange ways upend his comfy home, and he finds some kind of solace in rebellion and the arts.
While they can burnish brands, generate awareness and open doors to consumers, blogs can also bend Web traffic, upend organic search results and tarnish a company's reputation.
Like Aimard, Robertson is highly regarded for his advocacy of new music, so hearing what they make of the Brahms concerto should be interesting and might even upend some listeners' preconceptions.
These 10,000-year-old leaves, dredged from a Dutch bog, are threatening to upend ideas about how much of this greenhouse gas filled the atmosphere before the industrial revolution, reports a team of botanical investigators.
The series will be marketed by Quisic and Strategos to corporations and executive education programs around the world, and it will feature Quisic's hallmark use of case studies and real-life examples to demonstrate how game-changing ideas can upend the competition, creating new markets that lead to new wealth.
Their annual matchups with Miami at home and Florida on the road being the only real threats to upend Florida State's march to the Sugar Bowl.
9 Ohio State 62: Jen Harris scored 18 of her career- high 22 points in the second half to help the Lions (6-5) upend the visiting Buckeyes (11-2) in the Big Ten contest.
The Imps were denied aa penalty with 15 minutes left when Dean Smith seemed to upend Lawrie Dudfield, but referee Paul Alcock waved play on.
Eight times during the past 80 years, voters were asked to upend the awful system.
Haley Larsen had another strong outing for Canyon with 24 kills and 15 digs, but it wasn't enough to upend Valencia.