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curving upward

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First tried on that regular testing ground--the Mini Transats--the VPLP & Verdier-designed 60-footer uses upcurved foils to generate lift and therefore reduce the hull's wetted area.
Valves of cingulum narrow, upcurved, basal valves of penis robust and broad, dorsal ridge of valves smooth; gonopore process narrowing towards acute apex.
0 times longer than broad, arista pubscent, longest hairs as long as its basal diameter; facial ridge distinctly narrow, lower facial margin projecting, vibrissal angle and frontal angle placed behind lower facial margin in profile; gena covered with dark grey pruinosity, genal height about 1/7-2/9 of eye height; gena with 1-2 rows of upcurved peristomal setae; both postgenal and paragenal setae entirely black; postocular setae extending to ventral surface, the upper lateral area of the occiput with 2 rows of setae; proboscis slender; prementum shiny, sparsely with pruinosity basally, about 6-7 times longer than broad; palpus black, about 4/5 length of prementum.
subrhombic, margin subentire, with short, upcurved mucro.
Specimens from Tikal, Guatemala are similar to those from Nicauragua and Honduras, but possess a rounded, upcurved posterior process (Fig.
Ovipositor of females moderately slender, tapering and pointed, about as long as abdomen, slightly upcurved.
1 and 2) with vestiture of vertex appressed with piliform scales; frons with elongate scales; ocelli absent [Meyrick (1905) erroneously stated that Stachyotis possessed ocelli on the head]; antenna filiform in both sexes; flagellomere with 2 whorls of elongate scales; labial palpus slightly upcurved, 1st segment 2 x as long as 2nd, 2nd segment as long as 3rd; maxillary palpus 4-segmented; proboscis naked.
Ovipositor more or less evenly upcurved, not sinuate at apex; sheath usually much shorter.
perpolita the ridge of female sub-genital plate are smooth and apical diverticulum is curved distally; anterior process of epiphallus is very short and the apical valves of cingulum and penis are upcurved, the arch of cingulum have small tooth in the interior portion.
Valva upcurved from base to distal 1/3 above and below, with small round process on costa near distal end; inner surface with dense patch of fixed setae in depression approx.
Male sexual differences include more elongated mandibles and an upcurved rear margin of the pronotum, the latter probably providing space to move the tegmina during stridulation.
Cercus strongly elongate with rounded or obtuse apex, rarely shallowly bi- or trilobate at tip, strongly upcurved.
2 and 3) upcurved, extended well above vertex, second segment of labial palpus orange, third segment brown and acuminate, as long as 2nd segment.