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air passage consisting of a ventilation shaft through which air leaves a mine

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We are excited about the renewal of our partnership with Upcast, which has played a key role in driving efficiency and innovation within our client portfolio.
and with presence in Singapore, Berlin, Dublin, and Warsaw, Upcast is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner serving clients worldwide.
72) The upcast was for ventilation; the other compartments were for the winding gear and ladders.
Now upcast eyes to heav'n adore, And knees that never bow'd before, In stupid wonder stares the child; The maiden turns her glances wild, And lists to hear the coming roar: The aged shake their locks so hoar: And stoutest hearts begin to fail, And many a manly cheek is pale .
When the ball is upcast, may this game be better than the last.
He saw the doorway the house the night the world and on the other side of the world somewhere Herakles laughing drinking getting into a car and Geryon's whole body formed one arch of a cry - upcast to that custom, the human custom of wrong love.
Upcast Technology Offers MediaMath Clients Large-Scale Social Ad Campaign Management and Optimization on Facebook and Twitter
Leading agencies and advertisers in Germany can thus not only use Upcast to manage Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns but also benefit from the expertise of the social adtech firm provided locally.
Stripping of the overlying clays exposed the ditch of the compound, with its associated upcast banks (Figure 7).
shaft bottom development and the construction of the upcast ventilation
Currently, he's building another headstock for the upcast shaft, the one used to ventilate the mine.
As such, we're excited to announce our partnership with Upcast across APAC, whose exceptional programmatic social buying platform enables us to rapidly grow our business, while managing the pitfalls of progress," said Jamie Lewin, Head of Client Services, Asia-Pacific, m/SIX.
O'Neil asked me to dig a trench across it--and I'd be paid[ Ernest Greenfield came to visit and through fieldwork we then located other sites, by inspecting the upcast from mole-holes, and observing the ground surface as it was cleared by huge machines.