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air passage consisting of a ventilation shaft through which air leaves a mine

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The resource of the UPCAST induction channel furnaces depends on the duration of the failure-free operation of the inductor, which heats the liquid metal channel (0.
72) The upcast was for ventilation; the other compartments were for the winding gear and ladders.
He is helpless, an Aunt Sally, a figure from a cartoon, a missionary in cassock and topi waiting with clasped hands and upcast eyes while the savages jaw away in their own lingo preparatory to plunging him into their boiling cauldron.
We were hoping to use the mine water, accessed by our upcast shaft.
Now upcast eyes to heav'n adore, And knees that never bow'd before, In stupid wonder stares the child; The maiden turns her glances wild, And lists to hear the coming roar: The aged shake their locks so hoar: And stoutest hearts begin to fail, And many a manly cheek is pale .
When the ball is upcast, may this game be better than the last.
He saw the doorway the house the night the world and on the other side of the world somewhere Herakles laughing drinking getting into a car and Geryon's whole body formed one arch of a cry - upcast to that custom, the human custom of wrong love.
Currently, he's building another headstock for the upcast shaft, the one used to ventilate the mine.
The underground workings are ventilated by four main upcast fans, two sited on surface and two underground.
Each fan is placed in a separate building with the inlet connected directly to the upcast shaft.
There is also a 9 m by 11 m elliptical shaft, some 156 m deep, equipped with a precast concrete brattice wall to provide upcast ventilation in the one portion of the shaft and a 12 t capacity conveyance located on rope guides in the other.
2] and has 10 shafts: three hoisting, three upcast ventilation shafts, and four for service.