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Synonyms for up-and-comer

one showing much promise

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And it almost feels overdue to have Courtney Henry in the group; is there anyplace for an up-and-comer to go after being elected to the Arkansas Supreme Court?
Linda Trotta, winemaker at Up-and-Comer Gundlach-Bundschu, makes a startling array of Sonoma Valley wines from the family's Rhinefarm property (which is technically in Vineburg, not actually part of Carneros), including zinfandel and gewurztraminer.
Star Winery of the region Schramsberg and Up-and-Comer Robert Foley (notably the latter's terrific charbono) lead the region.
but if it did we'd tell you to watch out for Irish up-and-comer Nickname.
Not when you're a massively popular mayor and an up-and-comer on the political scene.
Similarly with Sammy Glick, the fictional young Hollywood up-and-comer in Budd Schulberg's satirical novel about the 1930s movie business What Makes Sammy Run?
All of these factors contribute to favorable market conditions that give Long Island City it's up-and-comer status.
Performers included COBU, a trio of women from Japan who combined rhythm tap with taiko drumming; Rod Ferrone and Marietta Clark in a vaudeville-style act; Jenny Lane in a tribute to tap legend Eleanor Powell; Gil Stroming and Break the Floor in a Stomp-like rhythm-tap-and-bucket drumming fusillade; teen up-and-comer Michela Marino Lerman; the irrepressible singer Mable Lee; and Rhythm Iss, a quintet of women rhythm tappers impressive as much for their exuberant spirit as for their blistering footwork.
When the Adculture Group, Milton, Ontario, was asked to develop a marketing communications plan for DEKALB in 2000, it was clear that DEKALB was well positioned as an up-and-comer in seed corn technology, but grower recognition and awareness of the brand and its seed technology was very low.
Aimed at artists with growing reputations, it has provided a useful staging post between the up-and-comer status conferred by an appearance in the annual New Contemporaries exhibition and the reputation-confirming imprimatur of a Turner Prize nomination.
In a warehouse space on Lansdowne Avenue in downtown Toronto, seasoned actor Ruby Dee (Jungle Fever) and up-and-comer Isaiah Washington (Clockers) are huddled behind a piece of plywood waiting for Timothy Hutton (Beautiful Girls) and Lela Rochon (Waiting to Exhale) to deliver their lines and cue their entrance.
Following David Guetta's sell-out gig at Yas Arena, it's the turn of R&B up-and-comer Lloyd to hit the capital this Thursday at Etoiles.
But that doesn't seem to bother the young up-and-comer as she looks forward to the future.
When veterans are cast aside to make room for the young up-and-comer, it's supposed to work one way or the other.
Velvet Goldmine showers sequins, spandex, and furs on a cast led by next year's Star Wars star Ewan McGregor as the idlike Iggy Pop figure, Toni Collette (Muriel's Wedding) as the discarded wife, and Irish up-and-comer Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the pansexual Bowie-like superstar.