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remove the yoke from

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The motif of a yoking and unyoking, freedom and bondage, continues to be explored in the second novella of Day 9, where a young nun, caught in flagrante with her lover and at risk of being severely punished by the convent's irate Abbess, succeeds, as Boccaccio's rubric tells us, not only in "liberating" herself from this danger ("fu deliberata"), but in securing the license to see her lover at her leisure.
579; for the unyoking of horses from a chariot car, cf.
20) But since "action" is, as it were, the "essence" of the Homeric self, a self that is annihilated in death, we may well expect that not only the hero's "physical" force, but his "intending power," his ability to posit and focus upon an end by which to direct the body's functioning, will also be dissipated in the final unyoking of his various substances and stuffs.
So long as the sun was climbing still to the middle heaven, so long the thrown weapons of both took hold, and men dropped under them; but when the sun had gone to the time for unyoking of cattle, then beyond their very destiny the Achaians were stronger and dragged the hero Kebriones from under the weapons and the clamour of the Trojans, and stripped the armour from his shoulders.