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remove the yoke from

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The site quotes Daniel as later writing of his father's quick departure, "He loitered not but left me, the driver of his team, to unyoke it in the furrow, and not many days to follow him to camp.
But if (the legislation fails), we feel that we need to have something that allows us to study how we could unyoke from the Metro Plan," he said.
gt;, sailor, you will enter, / [Poor] tired plowman, / You will unyoke the oxen from the plow / At the last furrow.
If the picture described in this article were understood by just a small fraction of the nation's opinion molders, the politicians would be scrambling to unyoke America from these schemes.
Ahmed seemed anxious to unyoke the RFT from its cross-town daily rival, and despite his reputation as a vicious Cole Campbell critic, he passed up (mostly) the opportunity during our interview to attack the daily.