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Synonyms for unyieldingness

resoluteness by virtue of being unyielding and inflexible

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In human communication yin represents the attributes of yieldingness and submissiveness and yang represents unyieldingness and dominance.
In the Iching, the centers of gravity (or centrality) are "the Tao of Tien proclaiming itself by the alternations of yin and yang, the Tao of Earth exhibiting itself in the forms of unyieldingness and tenderness, and the Tao of the human being unvailing itself through the doctrine of jen and righteousness.
the universe), change (yi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) is the substance: changing luck/fortune and unchanging jen-righteousness (with the doctrine or tao of Heaven entailing yin and yang, the doctrine of Earth eliciting unyieldingness and softness, and the doctrine of men evoking jen and righteousness, Hsi Tsu).
He therefore inherited musicality from both sides of the family, and from his distant forebears vitality, unyieldingness, pride, a love of the sun and a fondness for Mediterranean culture.
Or Mahmoud Abbas, the former Palestinian prime minister with more vision than most of his contemporaries who was done in by Ariel Sharon's unyieldingness and Arafat's duplicity.