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Synonyms for unwrinkled

not wrinkled or creased


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It's fuelled girls' unhealthy obsession with personal appearance - how they look rather than who they are - and prompted an explosion in unnecessary cosmetic surgery from over-sized breast implants to botox for unwrinkled foreheads.
The experimenters measured how long it took people to transfer the objects between a water-filled container and a dry one, or between two dry ones, with wrinkled versus unwrinkled fingers.
With wrinkle fingers, wet objects were shift about 12 percent faster than with unwrinkled hands.
He was short, with smooth unwrinkled skin, a jet black beard and mustache and long dreadlocks.
If you have a hectic day before going to a business meeting or function, keep a change of clothes in your office or car so you can arrive unwrinkled.
There follows an endless monologue from the harridan in the back about not being able to keep carrots unwrinkled 'speshally in this heat an' all'.
Old men like to go to the Roxy and look at a lot of unwrinkled skin, its surface slow rolling like a somewhat sleepy sea.
You can tell the photo was taken many years ago because of the carefree look on my unwrinkled face.
candour, humility and peace sat upon his brow whose unwrinkled serenity seemed to deny the years which had yet marked their course by a few silvery hours but thinly scattered over his temples Universal benevolence beamed in his placid eye where the traces of tears bore witness to his sympathy with suffering humanity--a smile innocent as that of infantine simplicity and a voice mild as that of Charity herself at once engaged all the confidence & the esteem of Selena.
In fact, Dow Chemical maintains that it is moving beyond clean by helping formulators create laundry that smells fresher and stays unwrinkled, carpeting that requires less-frequent vacuuming and sustainable cleaning products that are tough on dirt but safe to use and gentle on the environment.
The natural setting is still subjected to institutional discipline, the white school hats placed neatly to one corner, as the boys smile serenely in their clean and unwrinkled uniforms.
Like their kisses They are unwrinkled They walk along the streets, elbows jutted out News gets plastered to the walls in my neighborhood Glee festers like a bullet in a cop's stomach I myself sell butcher knives at the abattoir of the everyday I write a poem every time I go from my home to the metro I am waiting to be touched
The slogan alongside the unblemished and unwrinkled poster boy said: "We can't go on like this.
The new blonde bob looked stylish, but those unblinking, unwrinkled eyes are the stuff of nightmares.
Though suits are generally correct for women also, with the same provisos that they must be clean and unwrinkled, skirts must not be too short and tops must not be low-cut.