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remove the outer cover or wrapping of


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Yes unwrapping or 'unboxing' has become an internet phenomenon.
An operator can ensure that no remnants of plastic remain when unwrapping the butter that could potentially pass through to subsequent processes.
This result suggests a direct mechanism by which temperature may influence gene expression, since it has been shown that RNA Pol II does not actively invade nucleosomes, but waits for local unwrapping of DNA from nucleosomes before extending transcription," said Wigge.
The Twelve Days Of Christmas: Unwrapping The Gifts" by Curtis Almquist, SSJE (the Superior at the Society of Saint John the Evangelist in Cambridge, Massachusetts) invites the readers to avoid the holiday hype and commercial overkill of the season to reflect on the source of all the good gifts of life--love, forgiveness, joy, hope, peace, compassion, and sharing.
Using the latest in non-invasive imaging technology, researchers were able to examine the body of Nesperennub and the amulets that were buried along with him without damaging or unwrapping the mummy or even opening its case.
These three functional categories constitute a systematic attempt to unwrap the discourse" (31), and Leroux uses them judiciously in his unwrapping of the eight sermons.
New methods can be easily incorporated into the toolbox and it will be possible to estimate the uncertainty associated with critical data analysis procedures, such as phase unwrapping.
Britney spent most of her party unwrapping presents, no less than 11 of which came from her NSync heartthrob Justin Timberlake, who was rehearsing in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards.
Unwrapping begins; Christo's covered trees see light of day
The Model 932 is said to revolutionize the wrapping and unwrapping process, providing hose and cable manufacturers with an economical, high-performance and environmentally safe alternative to lead-curing machinery, according to the literature.
I was trying to concentrate but all I could hear was this man endlessly unwrapping and chomping on his sweets.
The holiday season is the time for unwrapping boxes, and La-Z-Boy Chair Co.