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Synonyms for unworried

free of trouble and worry and care


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Being worried by something you don't believe in is clearly a Germanic trait, while the British are more liable to take the end of the world in their unworried stride.
The prime minister proclaimed himself unworried by Khan's challenge.
Sofia appeared completely unworried as eight-year-old Malik attacked.
Still I was unworried until one fine day when J became aware of wetness between the fingertips.
Nearly 34% say they were alarmed by the incident in the village of Katunitsa; 38% were somewhat alarmed; 15% were rather unworried, while 11% have answered that there is no reason to worry at all.
According to witnesses who spoke to the son, the killers appeared so unworried about being caught that they did not cover their faces.
That influx of youth, unworried by previous failures, can be a major boost to Ireland's chances, according to O'Brien.
But, our policy, based on non-interference in the affairs of others and the nature of the current circumstances in the Region, keep us satisfied and unworried," Maliki said.
WELSH Liberal Democrats leader Kirsty Williams insisted yesterday she is unworried about a backlash from voters in the upcoming Assembly elections.
The Bank of England is so far unworried about the spike above its 2% CPI target as inflation expectations seem so far contained, according to its latest attitudes survey.
Pure-play business intelligence (BI) vendor SAS Institute says it is unworried by IBM's US$1.
Midwest Airlines is proclaiming itself unworried about the pending incursion of Southwest into its Milwaukee hometown market this November, in large part because it said it is more focused on business travelers while Southwest is more oriented toward leisure travel.
Most teams are unworried the final Saturday of the season could be affected as they have little left to play for, but not so for the two sides battling to the very end to avoid the drop into Division A2.
He easily passed through one thing to the other, making the reader unworried for Lukas's safety, even bored.
Wales' newest world champion, Gavin Rees, is famously unworried about who he fights - as befits someone who has not lost in 12 years - but the game's movers and shakers are already looking ahead to his first defence of the WBA light-welter title.