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Synonyms for unworried

free of trouble and worry and care


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Bin Meheiroom is unworried about the state of flux the club currently finds itself in, however, saying on Thursday: "Bani Yas aspires to have an exceptional season and to be alive and kicking in all competitions.
I can see and feel the joy in life more now than I used to" TV 's Fern Britton is unworried about her forthcoming 60th birthday.
Although Good Morning Egypt does not introduce Taliani as a porn actor, the young Italian-Egyptian is unworried about sharing his career with the world.
The Hammers had a centre-back, James Tomkins, playing right-back, and he was so unworried by the prospect of someone going outside him that he was able to tuck in alongside his central pair and help deal with Benteke.
The retired couple's opinions on this event are relatively jovial and unworried – until their own son returns to them one sunny morning.
g l y FRIENDS village kids unwo the r asks h are yo do ab hair eve hum trie of unworried about risks, she him: "What you going to about your hair?
Seef started well, and were relatively unworried until a superb shot from Lamis Al Saqqa gave Venus the lead.
au, however, Bell appeared unworried over the result, saying that the players had 'regrouped', discussed about their first Test loss and also practised on improving their moves at Alice Springs, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.
But he seemed totally unworried about costs going up as CAA had enough savings for the project.
Gareth Bale has been perhaps the most talked about player this summer, but despite persistent speculation suggesting a move to Real Madrid is on the cards, Villas-Boas remains unworried.
The prime minister proclaimed himself unworried by Khan's challenge.
Sofia appeared completely unworried as eight-year-old Malik attacked.
Still I was unworried until one fine day when J became aware of wetness between the fingertips.
Nearly 34% say they were alarmed by the incident in the village of Katunitsa; 38% were somewhat alarmed; 15% were rather unworried, while 11% have answered that there is no reason to worry at all.
That influx of youth, unworried by previous failures, can be a major boost to Ireland's chances, according to O'Brien.