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Synonyms for unwonted

Synonyms for unwonted

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out of the ordinary

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His chief impression with regard to ascertaining those mysterious correlatives of his familiar English vocables which were current in this extraordinary city of Paris was, that it was simply a matter of a good deal of unwonted and rather ridiculous muscular effort on his own part.
There was a burgeoning within him of strange feelings and unwonted impulses.
Tupman was not in a condition to rise, after the unwonted dissipation of the previous night; Mr.
Running through the whole saga is the story of leaks, alleged hacking, the unwonted interference of security agencies (also accompanied by selective and strategic leaking), and a Washington establishment deeply alarmed by what Trump's insurgency would mean for good governance, the rule of law, bureaucratic rationality, political accountability and moral propriety.
Unwonted unity has been forged by the shock of Brexit; it breaks a taboo and raises fears of further break-up at the hands of nationalists like French far-right leader Marine Le Pen.
The drama of Yu-Pe-Ya's experience of being disconcerted and wrong-footed by Tse-Ky is subtly rendered by Webster: his uncertainty of how to act, the way in which his action leads to an unwonted conviction of "discontent / At his own will" (ll.
a) Samuel rapes Miss Deane in a state of unwonted elation, (b) Miss Deane rapes Samuel in a state of unwonted absentmindedness.
heu quoties oft shall he fidem Of Faith and changed Gods Mutatosque deosflebit, & complain: and Seas aspera Rough with black winds and storms Nigris aequora vends Unwonted shall admire: Emirabitur insolens, Who now enjoyes thee Qui nunc tefruitur credulus credulous, all Gold, aurea: Who alwayes vacant alwayes Qui semper vacuum, semper amiable amabilem Hopes thee; of flattering gales Sperat, nescius aurae Unmindfull.
One is that instinctive moderate's unwonted militancy during the Constitutional Convention in support of a plenary congressional veto over state laws.
After an astronomically immense number of conflicting results (a trend which perpetuates to this day) an emerging consensus is being reached that any unwonted enhancement of k appears to be due to nanoparticles aggregation.
Their advent was no boon to the neighborhood because "quiet old country squires were led into unwonted extravagance in order to keep pace with the Royal demands on their hospitality.
Also live are the recordings of Don Juan, exuberant, meltingly lovely, busy and confident, and Till Eulenspiegel, brash, proud, and revealing an unwonted warmth of heart underneath.
15) His bureaucracy sees to the construction of monumental edifices, socioeconomic reorganization, taxation and conscription, establishing an era of general and unwonted prosperity.
All the controversial chaos and violence in Country is due to his unwonted and immature behaviour of taking constant u-turns in his statements and acts" chagrined Siddiqui, adding that Imran Khan also feared Nawaz Sharif's capacity to resolve crisis, which would be detrimental for Imran Khan's ambitions.
bubbling loquacity unwonted to his habitual taciturnity, a