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Synonyms for unwilling

Synonyms for unwilling

not inclined or willing to do or undertake

Antonyms for unwilling

not disposed or inclined toward

in spite of contrary volition

References in classic literature ?
Never had Marianne been so unwilling to dance in her life, as she was that evening, and never so much fatigued by the exercise.
But still I might not have believed it, for where the mind is perhaps rather unwilling to be convinced, it will always find something to support its doubts, if I had not, when the servant let me in today, accidentally seen a letter in his hand, directed to Mr.
Prince Henry just before his death had wrung an unwilling promise from the King his father that Raleigh should be set free.
In a word, he never pardoned because the offender himself, or his friends, were unwilling that he should be punished.
Our guides performed their office very ill, being influenced, as we imagined, by the Chec Furt, an officer, whom, though unwilling, we were forced to take with us.
As nature therefore makes nothing either imperfect or in vain, it necessarily follows that she has made all these things for men: for which reason what we gain in war is in a certain degree a natural acquisition; for hunting is a part of it, which it is necessary for us to employ against wild beasts; and those men who being intended by nature for slavery are unwilling to submit to it, on which occasion such a.
The sight of him brought back to me all the horror which I was not unwilling to forget, and I felt in me a sudden repulsion for the cause of it.
Hayward had often suggested excursions, a visit to the play, or a bottle of wine, when Philip had come to the end of his month's money; and with the folly of his age he had been unwilling to confess he could not afford an extravagance.
Dokhturov was unwilling to undertake any action, as it was not clear to him now what he ought to do.
Our ruling elite and powerful institutions want to lead opulent life styles on depleted state expense, unwilling to levy direct taxes on all sources of income, facilitate land mafia dons and unwilling to curtail flow of diminishing foreign reserves to countries in the Gulf, Europe, Canada etc where they own expensive properties.
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has been unwilling to comment on the frequent appearances of Chinese military jets near Taiwan, though the country's military has been watching them, the Central News Agency reported Thursday.
Global Banking News-January 3, 2018--Australian banks unwilling to work with cryptocurrency traders
Assistant Chief Constable Serena Kennedy said: "In this series of shootings, we have got a number of people who are unwilling to provide us with information.
Although the statement has not been finalized, my statement is we agreed to be a member of the ICC because of the principle of complementarity that the court will only exercise jurisdiction if our courts are unwilling or unable to exercise jurisdiction on any crime cognizable by the International Criminal Court,' Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said in a press briefing.
Summary: The US Administration has sent the Tunisian government "signs" suggesting that it is unwilling to give its guarantee to the $ 500 million loan Tunisia seeks to obtain from the