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If Iraq insists on its demand and declares the Turkish consul general persona non grata -- the diplomatic term for unwelcome person -- in response to Turkish refusal to recall him, then Ankara will respond in kind and declare the Iraqi consul general in ystanbul persona non grata without delay.
Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said at a news conference that the Japanese ambassador to Syria, Toshiro Suzuki, was also labeled as ''persona non grata,'' or an unwelcome person, by the Middle Eastern country on Tuesday.
Cairo His support for the pro-reform campaigner Mohammad Al Baradei earned him the wrath of the regime of now-ousted president Hosni Mubarak and made him an unwelcome person on official television.
against Syria showed that Lieberman is unwelcome person not only on the
When you have too much internal squabbling, sometimes somebody from outside can become the least unwelcome person," he said.
He added:" the event was a message to US Vice President Mike Pines how might visit Bethlehem that he is unwelcome person because of his recent statements supporting Israel.