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with resolute determination

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Download Aoun cables Trump on September 11 attacks' anniversary: We are adamant to prevent terrorism from achieving its goals NNA - "We are unwaveringly adamant to prevent terrorism from achieving its goals and objectives," President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, stressed on Tuesday in a cable to US President, Donald Trump, on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks.
Proverbs 16:12) Despite the lamentable impeachment complaints lodged against her, we have complete confidence that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, who above all else is a true follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, unwaveringly demonstrates professional excellence and moral uprightness in performing all duties that are incumbent upon her.
Adel Ali bin Ali, Chairman of Ali Bin Ali Group, said:"The Ali Bin Ali Group is unwaveringly committed to the elevation of Qatar's national heritage.
During the visit, His Majesty stressed that since the establishment of the Kingdom, Jordanians - Muslims and Christians - have unwaveringly embraced the spirit of a united family, standing together in solidarity against extremism, violence and bigotry.
However I would recommend it to anyone as an enthralling few days, if only to see the unwaveringly attentive eyes of the dogs and the absolute command of the handlers - or occasionally the fear in the eyes of the handlers and resolute disobedience from a stubborn ewe
Fahad Al Hassawi, chief commercial officer, du said: "Since its founding, du has remained unwaveringly dedicated to enriching every aspect of its customers' lives, across platforms.
We are also unwaveringly loyal to each and every member who joins our vibrant association, and we strive to provide educational and leadership opportunities to support each individual's professional growth.
Our revolutionary history of fighting all kind of dictatorships; our forefathers battled unwaveringly against all Arabs monolithic rules until we achieved our independent on 9th July 2011 and thus this latest SPLM [Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement] regime is not the one which we can be worried much about," he added.
Talking at the end of his Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) meeting in Afyonkarahisar on Sunday, Davutoy-lu said: "We will continue our fight against terrorism unwaveringly until our mountains, lands and cities are wiped clean of these murderers.
Union leader and DIKO official Alecos Tryfonides said DIKO is unwaveringly against CyTA's privatisation.
Despite his debilitating illness he was unwaveringly optimistic and clearly had faith he would be able to continue working to provide for his family.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has reassured the Palestinian people that the Pakistani nation would continue to support them unwaveringly in their struggle for the right to self-determination.
He said the Authority unwaveringly cooperate with all community sectors, adding that the LMRA as an official executive body integrates with fellow governmental institutions to achieve public interest and balance among the various sectors of the community to accomplish labor market regulation goals of making the Bahraini worker the most preferable choice of private sector employers.
An extraordinary, unwaveringly honest portrait of a friendship unfolds, in which clashes, rivalries, jealousies and different paths taken--Elena goes on to high school, Lila gets married at 16--are all overridden by strong affection.