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without basis or foundation in fact

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This trial, in women well under 60yrs, albeit (in comparison with the WHI) small and only for 5 years, will to a great extent largely resolve the unwarrantedly acrimonious secondary debate over oral vs parenteral and human bioidentical vs oral xenohormone ie horse estrogen.
Victorious France, Britain, and the United States had unwarrantedly blamed and penalized and thus deeply humiliated Germany for World War I.
518, 523 (1986) (reversing a federal court judgment refusing to afford full faith and credit to a state court decision and explaining that "the majority of the Court of Appeals gave unwarrantedly short shrift to the important values of federalism and comity embodied in the Full Faith and Credit Act"); Migra v.
Ayyatollah Amid Zanjani responds: Fristly, manslaughter is not, in fact, a crime because no intention, carelessness and negligence exist and, as a result, it dose not fall within the subject of this Rule; secondly, for intentional murder, heavy burden is imagined for some respectful blood of a person killed unwarrantedly and essence of this act, which is an obscene one, is subject to heavy burden and bad effects; for this type of heavy burden, murderer and Elderly are the same, therefore, in the absence of Elderly, the burden is placed on Imam (leader) and, eventually, on society because blood of a Muslim is not wasted.
The European General Court issued its verdict with regard to the legal case of the Iranian company, Safa Nicu Sepahan, on Tuesday, saying the firm should be paid 50,000 euros in compensation for being unwarrantedly included on the European Union's anti-Iran sanctions list, press tv reported.
Warren repeatedly got crossways over regulation and mortgage modification with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, a hate object (albeit unwarrantedly so) of many on the left.
Military may have grouses and grudges, and not unwarrantedly.
They can be used in the wrong way for the right jobs or unwarrantedly reshaped to do the wrong jobs.
It is one of those days where Egyptians have worked together to return what has been unlawfully and unwarrantedly taken from them.
In the area of sex education, providing the most meaningful instruction may appear to the uninitiated public to be unwarrantedly graphic.
Further, the Movement's MPs said that there was an unwarrantedly high police presence in the village, suggesting that the government has exercized executive pressure on locals to vote for GERB.
Perhaps this is because the greater temporal proximity we have to early modern philosophy than to ancient and medieval philosophers has led us to be unwarrantedly confident in our ability to understand Descartes and his successors.
30) Because he can only imagine a salvation that is strictly material, and therefore fallen, a fortunate fall from his unwarrantedly happy stasis of conversion would require interrogators bent on unsettling his surety.
These reports indicate that Israeli officials unwarrantedly and under erroneous and false presumptions on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, threaten the use of force against the Islamic Republic of Iran by signaling the imminence of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities," he said.