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without basis or foundation in fact

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Further, the Movement's MPs said that there was an unwarrantedly high police presence in the village, suggesting that the government has exercized executive pressure on locals to vote for GERB.
Perhaps this is because the greater temporal proximity we have to early modern philosophy than to ancient and medieval philosophers has led us to be unwarrantedly confident in our ability to understand Descartes and his successors.
These reports indicate that Israeli officials unwarrantedly and under erroneous and false presumptions on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, threaten the use of force against the Islamic Republic of Iran by signaling the imminence of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities," he said.
Another factor that may have spurred the judiciary into unprecedented action may be the realization that its wing was no longer unwarrantedly clipped as it was under the military government where that government chose which law should apply as well as which court order it should obey.
Recalling that Wheatley and Washington corresponded, and reprinting Washington's letter to Wheatley in which he invites her to visit him in person, Carretta leaps unwarrantedly into the somewhat jarring assertion that Wheatley wrote her poem about Washington "hoping that even the most eminent slave owner in the colonies would ultimately" free her black brothers and sisters (154).
Despite the commonly held view that self-ownership must include property rights to objects external to self, some maintain self-ownership is unwarrantedly circumscribed by any private property rights (cf.
The differences might well be reinterpreted as favoring Alpha's progress unwarrantedly over Omega's.
Its continued use 1) interferes with our understanding of the phenomenon to be explained and 2) unwarrantedly privileges one possible explanation of that phenomenon above others.
Does this fact exhibit that jurors attribute unwarrantedly potent probatory significance to prior crimes evidence?
Yet, taking into account this trend should not unwarrantedly lead to underestimate the evolving but still crucial role of the state in China's industrial development.
Any bill that allows children up to the age of 26 to remain on their parents' insurance plan is both infantilizing and intrusive, a way of perpetuating adolescence while allowing some higher body to interfere, quite unwarrantedly, in family life.
Gary Watson points out that the reciprocity thesis draws an unwarrantedly strong conclusion from the aforementioned premises.
Miss K complained to Ofcom saying that her privacy has been unwarrantedly infringed in the broadcast of both programmes after she was referred to by Byrne.
Indeed, aside from any questions of protecting savings, loss of access to banking services would impede economic efficiency in many ways--for example, forcing reliance on cash and unwarrantedly destroying credit ratings.