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lacking proof or substantiation

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The same advisory also cautioned Filipinos not to share such unverified, misleading and false information 'to avoid undue panic and hysteria.
The warning features two options that the user can select: return to safety, or open an "advanced" menu that provides an additional warning about the risks of using unverified apps.
About 4 percent of Covered California APTC users were nonfilers with unverified identities.
The spokesman said there was no question of debt sustainability in the country and the section of the press has carried baseless and unverified reports without quoting any source which again shows irresponsible reporting.
Some of these jurisdictions have animal welfare standards which are unverified.
YouTube's most popular vlogger, Felix 'PewDiePie' Kjellberg, has returned to Twitter after his account was briefly suspended and unverified after uploading an obscene image and rumors that he had "joined ISIS.
According to as-yet unverified information, the fire was caused shortly before 11 am by two individuals riding a motorcycle, who threw an object, believed to have been a petrol bomb, at the cars.
The unverified SIMs delinking was part of National Action Plan to curb terrorism.
The distribution on the territory of Kyrgyzstan of unverified information, appeals to religious extremism, information videos, and religious videos is prohibited in accordance with the laws of Kyrgyzstan.
Later, a new, unverified video included a recording of a voice claiming to be Mr Goto, saying his captors want a prisoner exchange.
Manila: The presidential palace on Saturday confirmed they received intelligence on a suspected plot to kill Pope Francis during his recent visit to the Philippine, but added that the information they received was raw and unverified.
N3AB, traffic, twelve o'clock, four miles, type unknown, maneuvering, three thousand seven hundred unverified.
The first three except for my titles and comments are unverified from newspaper quizzes.
NNA - Caretaker Justice Minister Shakib Qortbawi on Thursday affirmed that the unverified information about the presence of a bomb at the Justice Palace today only sought spreading terror among the people.
The police media centre renews its call to the media to adhere to professional standards and to seek information from official sources rather than depending on unverified rumours on social media that are often aimed at spreading misinformation," it said in a statement.