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not provided with vents

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Measured concentrations of combustion gases from the use of unvented gas fireplaces.
Attic zone was the vented attic for House 1 (including the vented attic over the garage) and the unvented attic for House 2 (the vented attic over the garage for House 2 was separate from the unvented attic and the garage but was not monitored as a separate zone).
Indoors, cooking, smoking, and unvented combustion further contribute pollutants associated with pneumonia.
QUALIFICATIONS: City and Guilds Level 2 in Plumbing (6129), Energy Efficiency, Unvented Hot Water Systems, CITB Intermediate Gas Certificate, Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating.
Despite the unvented stove, the air was tangy, but not choking by any means.
Pressure from the buildup of carbon dioxide in the jars of bath bombs/balls or bath fizzies that come with the kits can cause the unvented lids to blow off, posing explosion and projectile hazards.
The Level 3 NVQ Diploma will also have optional pathways for gas, oil, solid fuel and environmental technologies, and will cover any extra assessments needed for your chosen fuel, such as: Unvented Hot Water Systems; ACS gas safety for Gas Safe Register approval.
Recommended for walls, floors, unvented and vented attics and ceilings, JM ocSPF insulation will insulate cavities of any shape, creating a "seamless" protective air barrier that minimises or eliminates air leakage for maximum building envelope performance.
The main source of indoor nitrous acid comes from unvented gas appliances.
Unvented gas appliances are the main source of nitrous acid indoors.
Commercial, non-standard heaters, including unvented kerosene or propane heaters, are not approved for Army use.
Peninsula has three coextrusion lines with six unvented single-screw extruders, paired two by two.
Constructed entirely of heat-treated stainless steel, the Terminal T-Lock has three unvented, .
As a result, the International Residential Code has been modified to include both vented and unvented versions.
VOCs are emitted into indoor air from building materials, furnishings, cleaning compounds, office equipment, personal care products, air fresheners, people, food, and unvented combustion processes such as tobacco smoking or cooking with gas stoves.