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Synonyms for unveil

Synonyms for unveil

Synonyms for unveil

remove the veil from

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remove the cover from

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Mueva Wraptor - Driven by the success of the Mueva wraptor for iPod shuffle, mophie unveils the Wraptor for iPod nano 2nd generation.
Adding to the festive spirit and decor at The Grove, the wildly popular American Girl Place will unveil an elaborate holiday window display on November 17.
I am excited to unveil my new Fall stuff by hilary duff fashion collection exclusively on AOL's teen service RED and AOL's kids service KOL," said Hilary.
17, The Wall Street Journal will unveil an integrated, 24/7 news package that will fuse print and online in a way that's never been seen before.
World's Picture Leader Unveils New Mobile Imaging Enhancements, Digital Cameras and Concepts for Anytime, Anywhere Picture Sharing
Peter Max Unveils Poster Design Honoring Those Who Lost Their Lives in the September 11 Attack on the Pentagon
COM) Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Investor Unveils New Web Site, the phone number in the contact information should read xxx 248-855-2335 (sted 248-545-6363).