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putting on display for the first time

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These," he continued, unveiling them with an air, are the Raffles Relics, taken from his rooms in the Albany after his death and burial, and the most complete set we've got.
Refreshments will be provided after the unveilings at the South Dumfries Historical Museum at 36 Main St.
If you are descended from a War of 1812 veteran and would like to attend a future plaque unveiling, call or e-mail Carol Moore at 519-442-6324 ext.
The unveiling of the film was a thrilling experience, different from the usual unveilings I've done in the past," John said.
So, he suggested that he should do the unveiling without any safety gear.
The latest two unveilings involve a blue plaque dedicated to Dr Teddy Morgan, the Aberdareborn rugby player who scored the historic winning try ensuring Wales' iconic victory against the touring All Blacks in 1905.
Rhondda Cynon Taf Council is in the process of unveiling 30 blue plaques across the county borough to commemorate the historic merits of buildings, events and individuals.
The thwarting of such unveilings in the novel troubles this concept of liberation.
This opacity of reading points to the implicitly masculinist ideology underlying the celebration of identificatory unveilings - whether in terms of "race" or sexuality - and it points to the complicity of racism and homophobia through the more nuanced protocols of reading it seems to demand.
The product unveilings will include lubricant demonstrations, product literature and test information from a whole array of independent testing organizations including Southwest Research Institute and the U.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 23, 1998--BAT International (OTC:BAAT) will be unveiling two new products to the media this Friday and the public this Saturday in connection with an open house.
BUSINESS WIRE)--November 7, 1995--In one of the biggest technology unveilings in its 13-year history, Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) today redefined the technical desktop paradigm in terms of system architecture, performance, Internet networking and visual computing capability with the introduction of several new computer workstations and servers that feature a breakthrough design, almost five years in the making.