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lacking variety


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With our fundamental assumptions for the three Nordic markets covered in this report unvaried, our forecasts for their power sectors remain largely unchanged this quarter.
The results from the GC-MS analyses reveal the dual plant origin of Propolis Extract ACF and the good level of standardization achieved through geographical selection, with a chemical composition practically unvaried between different extract samples, and reproduced in the topical ointment.
The landscape may be flat and unvaried, but the same can't be said for the county and the attractions it offers - from ancient bridges and waterways to piers and pop stars, we've certainly seen and done a lot in five days.
The sombrous and heavy sound of the billows, successively dashing against the rocky beach at a profound distance beneath, was to the ear what the landscape was to the eye--a symbol of unvaried and monotonous melancholy, not unmingled with horror.
The information, most of it monotonous and unvaried, kept accumulating, and Boris felt he now lived with it, as if it was his second heart.
R&B is about selling the song, but Bieber's unvaried delivery can make him seem like he's standing behind a glass display case of merchandise, giving the same pitch to each passerby.
But Hood keeps such a steady, unvaried pace that the revelations of the final act - which should be HUGE - have the same dramatic heft as everything else.
Enhanced by funny, spunky colored illustrations of the blue/green goblin and friends, "The Blue Goblin" is a tickling, teasing tale of a grumpy, scary goblin who ate an unvaried diet of green worms, which made him feel grumpy because he was hungry, and inadequately nourished.
Howe's bold idealism and daring ideas are described, but in a dry and unvaried writing style that dulls what should have been an exciting and inspiring story of a life and time.
Beninati's modus operand; has remained essentially unvaried, although more recently he has begun translating the same approach into three dimensions, creating perspectival environments halfway between forgotten film sets and domestic archaeological finds.
A Solihull Council spokesman said it: "will forcefully put its case at the High Court hearing today that the injunction should stand, unvaried and that the gypsy families have until this coming March 31 to vacate Eaves Green site or may be in contempt of the High Court.
Page's recognition of the insular, unvaried morbidity, or diseased state, of Swinburne's poetics reflects Esquirol's theorization of the obsessive psyche as one of "partial" insanity, a theorization with which, given Esquirol's popularity and mental science's intimate relationship with poetry and biographical writings, Page was no doubt familiar.
Strength: preserving a valuable part of morphotypes in the city centre and preventing urban areas becoming monotonously unvaried.
to specify that - unvaried its contents - there is a typo in the list of
Unit root tests are performed on unvaried time series in order to test the order or integration.