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uncommonness by virtue of being unusual

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18) In characterizing miracles as exceptions to the natural order, Aquinas not only stresses their unusualness, but also the way in which they exceed nature's inherent capacities.
Their distinctive features (respectively) are the collocation (rather than separation) of the sound effects and speech; the sheer number of bodies (despite their relative lack of spectacle); and the unusualness of lustful women and of Machiavellian rulers who lust after power rather than after women.
On the few occasions this Court has had to consider the meaning of the phrase, precise distinctions between cruelty and unusualness do not seem to have been drawn.
whose essential memory unusualness is o (|s1|kd log|s|) where d is the most great significance of the tree k is the measure of watchwords in the request and s1|(|s|) is the base (most awesome) size of catchphrase records s1 through Sk as specified in figure 2 [67].
This approach is concerned not with the problem of how the listener follows and interprets temporal continuity but rather with an unusualness of aural effect, so that music is reduced to mere physical sound.
To calibrate the complexities, let's say on a scale of 1:10 if the oddity crosses seven then the name would most certainly be remembered for either its unusualness or obnoxiousness.
It was internationally-renowned, we were proud of it, we revelled in the unusualness of a certain coterie of peculiar people.
The First Circuit's treatment of DOMA's unusual deviation from federalist principles not as providing the basis of an unconstitutionality holding, but, rather, as triggering more careful scrutiny of government justifications was what one scholar, Professor Courtney Joslin, dubbed "the unusualness trigger theory," (70) one of many possible approaches to federalism.
In order to renew Galtung and Ruge's system, Brighton and Foy (2007: 29) list relevance, topicality, composition, expectation, unusualness, worth and external influences.
After just 12 games, at least 80 per cent of any unusualness in card counts is purely random and therefore accidental.
Recording a verdict of accidental death, Durham Coroner Andrew Tweddle said the case had been "unusal even within the realms of unusualness.
114) The unusualness of this patronymic formed from the mother's name needs to be explained, beyond merely identifying it as a neoteric poetic form.
My movements might have been of particular interest to local residents given the unusualness of my presence as resident anthropologist.
Ankur Tewari, from the Ankur and the Ghalat Family, too got involved in the project because of its unusualness.