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One wonders whether this unusual person, originally described by researchers at the University of Zurich (3), got very hungry at concerts.
In fact, you'd have to be a very unusual person not to find something to amuse yourself.
When one has met an unusual person one may be excused for observing him with greater curiosity than is warranted by strictly polite correctness.
One rather unusual person or friend can spur you on.
Jack was a very unusual person, especially in his time," said author Ed Alwood (Straight News), "especially in the '50s, because he was a person who could rise above the social culture that surrounded him.
Nor, unfortunately, is it examined very well; we're told that he likes her writing and get hints that without some difficult, demanding and unusual person to devote his life to, he'd probably just take it by his own hand.
He's always been a take-charge person, always willing to do his share," she said, "He was a very unusual person in that respect.
I could see right away that he was a talented and unusual person, mature for his age but very modest.
enable corporations to be hospitable to the unusual person and unusual ideas.
If an upcoming interaction calls for undertaking an extraordinary activity (a businessman presenting sales figures and policy recommendations to his boss), pursuing an unfamiliar goal (an inexperienced lawyer cross-examining a shifty witness) or dealing with a particularly unusual person (a psychotherapist treating a severely paranoid client), pre-occupation with one's own behavior prevents the mental correction of biased impressions about the other person, Gilbert and Osborne contend.
Bob was an unusual person in the media relations business because at a relatively young age he had accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience, and yet not lost his warm personality and down-to-earth demeanor.
An unlikely ally is found in an unusual person and can help you save both face and finances.
He is a very unusual person for someone in the fashion business - he's not an idiot.