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Synonyms for unuseable

not capable of being used

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Despite significant progress over a relatively short period of time, East Asia's financial safety net still appears unuseable.
Iran will be sanctioned for its enrichment and left with unuseable weapons.
Refurbished computers may have negative connotations because people confuse them with privately donated units which may be outdated and therefore unuseable, explains Willie Cade, CEO of the Chicago-based non-profit Computers for Schools.
Most units avoid it because of the mistaken impression it is too difficult to set up, requires highly skilled operators, or is so effected by atmospheric conditions that it is unuseable.
The current bins are easily moved by vandals and are regularly smashed and left unuseable," a council report said.
In fact it's deserted and windswept, mostly unuseable because of that wretched clock.
President Hotel manager Ramon Martinez claims carpets in corridors over two floors have been damaged, leaving rooms unuseable.
The National Consumer Council claims banks have failed to ensure the elderly and disabled are aware that from February 14 their signature will be unuseable on credit and debit card payments.
The situation must be egregious--an unuseable floor, sewage in the basement--and the tenant needs plenty of proof.
Often a container of product is shipped after many months of careful negotiations and discussions of specifications only to arrive with major problems destined to render the products unuseable to consumers.
Hooves--these are one of the biggest things because a lame horse is a unuseable horse.
Unfortunately, the crosspieces render the attic space unuseable, except perhaps for lightweight storage, because you can't cut and remove them to open up attic space without weakening the entire roof structure.
Because the data in both censuses relates to the private working tubewell, it may be gathered that the decline in the absolute number of tubewells may be due to the reason that large numbers of tubewells may have become unuseable over lime, or that they were not in serviceable condition at the time of enumeration, or were taken out of service where underground water was found to be saline.
PIC file into Freelance Plus worked well in most cases, but a few graphs were somewhat distorted and unuseable.
Hospitals and other critical agencies will have seamless, reliable, encrypted and redundant HF radio capability, giving them immediate connectivity to the outside world in the event of a disaster that renders their other communications systems unuseable.