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Synonyms for unusable

incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

having no useful purpose

Synonyms for unusable

not capable of being used

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The 59-year-old, who has been club secretary for two years, said: "It's unusable ( they have destroyed everything and even dug up the bowling green.
In both cases, disabled access is poor, some rooms are deemed unusable due to their inaccessibility or sloping ceilings, and the general standard of accommodation is poor.
The official, government-approved pot the Canadian health system sends to AIDS and cancer patients is sent back about a third of the time as unusable.
The Sons of the Revolution completed the tradition's journey into the unusable past by privatizing the holiday.
All certainties are rendered unusable without further careful appraisal.
Despite sending it by special delivery using packaging bought at the Post Office, the laptop arrived broken and unusable.
Significantly enhancing the ability of tactical commanders to detect, identify, locate, and neutralize a variety of threats to include enemy force activity, chemical and biological agents, and impassible terrain or unusable routes.
They were clustered around the centers of the buildings and were made unusable when the explosions occurred.
As a result, it is more vulnerable to warpage caused by moisture absorption, which would render the CD portion unusable, explains Robert Freedman, senior v.
Barriers brought to the team's attention included broken electronics-testing equipment and an unserviceable F/A- 18 Hornet fuel tank that was delivered new from a supply warehouse, punctured and unusable.
Japanese airport authorities are planning to camouflage an unusable part of a new runway at Narita International Airport in a bid to prevent aircraft from landing there by mistake.
Certain courts, however, have extended the direct physical loss concept to situations where the premises became unsafe or unusable, even though there was no visible, tangible damage.
Conventional foundry sand tends to be crushed during use, which creates large quantities of dust and unusable fine particles, generating industrial waste.
He said: "This must eventually lead to decommissioning as defined by the legislation - the legislation does make provision for an alternative to handing over the weapons, and that means making them permanently inaccessible and unusable.
It is estimated that 'dead bed' or unusable space due to the build up of materials at the subject mine currently represents approximately 15 tons per day.