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in a manner that is not typical


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It's very typically Disney, and Cage is very untypically cast.
Eurobond behaved untypically yesterday a growth continued despite sharp fall in stock markets.
UNTYPICALLY wary of the waiting paparazzi during her most recent public spotting, actress Preity Zinta has sparked rumours of having gone under the knife yet again.
WITH most of the interesting action scheduled for tomorrow's Darley Irish Oaks card, today's Curragh programme looks untypically weak.
Only Northwestern Bulgaria is expected, untypically, is expected to have milder weather in the first days of 2012.
Untypically Barca struggled to get the ball under control in the wet conditions forcing long passes and that rarest of sights, Xavi Hernandez miscontrolling the ball ceding possession.
Cook, whose hundred at The Oval against Pakistan two months ago ended an untypically unproductive spell at the top of the order, averages only in the mid-20s against Australia.
Joe was the exuberant character in the Molson beer ad, untypically Canadian in his extroverted pride in our country.
Untypically poor Lions play cost them Neil Kerfoot's converted try on 53 minutes to put them behind for the first time.
The Candy Bar Kid, known for his rabble rousing against his critics in Tehran, fell untypically silent while digesting the news on Friday.
Paradoxically, but not untypically, the manifesto has attracted less discussion within France, where its call for an end to the implicitly hierarchical distinction between "French" and "Francophone" literatures has fallen largely on deaf ears.
Even so, his untypically bold words, allied to the extra help for pensioners, children in poverty and military housing, could not mask the enormity of the situation he faces.
Yet, as Zeeuw (research fellow, Conflict Research Unit, Clingendael Institute of International Relations, the Netherlands) observes, it is a process fraught with many difficulties and not untypically results in failure.
And you won't get the chance to ask him about it yourself on the night because, untypically of the usual format of An Audience With shows, Blofeld won't be taking questions.
I think they did quite well but I would say they were untypically Scottish.