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Synonyms for untying

loosening the ties that fasten something

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Then the threshing-machine started afresh; and amid the renewed rustle of the straw Tess resumed her position by the buzzing drum as one in a dream, untying sheaf after sheaf in endless succession.
Why, then, miss," the old girl proceeded, untying the strings of her bonnet for more air, "you could as soon move Dover Castle as move George on this point unless you had got a new power to move him with.
Here I rested a few minutes, putting up my feet to keep them dry, untying my shoes to save time, and generally facing the task before me with a coolness which I strove to make worthy of my absent chief.
She became suddenly quiet and seated herself, untying her hanging bonnet and laying it down with her shawl.
Guess I'm half asleep yet," he said, untying the horse.
Then he who had sent them away stole silently to the tent flap and untying the fastenings entered with the noiselessness of a disembodied spirit.
A method of untying with the teeth of a political knot
My horse was hitched at the watering-trough, and untying him I mounted and gave him his head, too much troubled in mind to note whither he took me.
For me, there is but one way of untying the noose which treachery and the work of spies have fastened round my throat," replied Rabourdin.
Untying the knotted mouth with his teeth, he emptied the contents of the sack into the water.
she exulted, untying the knot of the handkerchief and flinging the bit of linen far from her.
He passed the evening fumbling amongst his boxes and desks, untying his papers with trembling hands, and sorting and arranging them against Jos's arrival.
Captain," resumed the other, untying his little wallet with great deliberation, and even in a manner to show he found satisfaction in the delay, "I wish to offer you a small matter of trade.
As he spoke, he drew forth an old cotton handkerchief from his breast; and untying a large knot in one corner, produced a small brown-paper packet.
Who, untying his tied-up broken head, revealed a head that was whole, and a face that was Sloppy's.