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undo what has been twined together

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Untwine is recommended for older teens and those dealing with the loss of a loved one.
Even if the goal of a social movement might be a particular policy that is never enacted, we can still track the causal dynamics under-girding decision-making and untwine the relationship between the social movement and the political actor.
Just entwine and untwine endlessly until the stronger of the two succeeds in putting the other one down, whereupon the vanquished slithers away.
This is a sharp departure from Updike and Yates, where couples twine and untwine with all the predictability of beasts, only to find themselves more bereft than before of satisfaction.
We need space, time, and plenty of other voices to untwine the prejudice written within this passage.
His language momentarily reverts to that of the revenge 'script' he rejected in the first scene: 'Injurious strumpet and thou ribald knave, / Untwine those arms' (xiii.
or it can untwine, stretching out starbeams into voluptuous
Hold thirty seconds, then untwine legs and bring to chest as rest.
The final portion, Kenneth Derus's appendicular "Perigraph," will perhaps for some represent a puzzling stylistic departure from the general tone of the book, but for the persevering souls willing to untwine its complex semantics, it offers some fascinating and very valuable viewpoints.
Yet here, in his assertion that "one may not step in the same river twice," Johnson untwines himself from the scientific thread.