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Synonyms for untruthful

Synonyms for untruthful

given to or marked by deliberate concealment or misrepresentation of the truth

Antonyms for untruthful

not expressing or given to expressing the truth

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We're being forced by Republicans to use our website resources to say untruthful things about the state's pro-life website in hopes you will visit their website and change your mind away from having an abortion.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Several courts have ruled against untruthful stories published or broadcast by media institutions close to the government about the Hizmet movement, which Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has accused of trying to undermine his government, but most newspapers and stations have not published the corrections as they should according to the rulings.
That is why there is a need for a new inquest at the original one was flawed and untruthful.
McCaskill said that "a culture of cover-up" caused a GM ignition switch engineer, Ray DeGiorgio, to give untruthful testimony as part of a lawsuit related to a 2010 crash in Georgia.
The former prime minister could face further charges of obstruction of justice after it was revealed that he had tried to persuade his former long-standing personal assistant to provide untruthful testimony.
There are a slew of presidential statements going back to 2008 which subsequent evidence has shown to be untruthful.
Slater said that he conducted voice stress analysis on six audio/video tapes from the final press conference and found that Nannu was being untruthful when he claimed that another person made the statements claiming his testimony was coerced.
The harm to a public company that occurs when untruthful and reckless statements like those made by Mr.
And Glasgow women are the most likely to lie about their weight, with more than half (51 per cent) admitting to being untruthful.
We then examine the resulting impact on an individual's choice between truthful and untruthful behavior.
As I sat there that day, I did not hear anything untruthful.
However, Judge Tom Burgess yesterday described Devlin as "one of the most unsatisfactory if not untruthful witnesses the court has ever encountered".
Wysbeek described the piece as untruthful and distasteful.
She is said to be "terrified" that her nervousness at giving evidence will make her appear untruthful.
The Republican prosecutors spent much of their time on the allegation that Clinton obstructed justice by encouraging Lewinsky to file an untruthful affidavit denying their sexual relationship.