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The "chap" construction resulted from the use in earlier times of an entire animal hide for each legging, the tapered cylinder sewn closed to fit the leg, and the excess hide, including the animal's legs, left untrimmed, creating flap-like side panels.
An untrimmed Japanese maple stood sandwiched between two cypresses, both of which hung lazily over the fish pond.
Not that all Canadians are prone to cardiac arrest at the sound of a fart or sight of an untrimmed beard.
We are waiting for this moment,'' he said, sporting an untrimmed black beard, black head scarf and robe ending above the ankle.
Untrimmed nails, apart from being unattractive, usually attract germs and are prone to breaking from being slammed, hit or from other accidents.
The nails were left untrimmed for many weeks and they grew into the palm, cut through, and the wounds in the palm infected.
This happened during the Northeast Blackout of 2003 when untrimmed tree branches brushed against a power line, combining with a software bug in an alarm system to trigger a cascading failure that automatically took 265 power plants offline.
Pulps were printed on cheap paper with ragged, untrimmed edges.
Center-cut beef tenderloin is a splurge, but you can cut the cost by butchering a whole untrimmed tenderloin yourself (it's easy).
Large clumps of ragwort, willow herb and other weeds, untrimmed edges leading to grass growing in gutters.
Inside, the interior seems basic at first but while there is plenty of untrimmed metal on view, the door handles and panels are stylish and pleasant to touch and use.
In the photo, Samer looks like a shadow of his former-self (the already slim young man had lost 77 pounds), his hands clasped at his chest, his beard long and untrimmed, yet his face is glowing as if he were grateful to the man or woman who snapped his photo while being dragged somewhere by impatient Israeli prison and court officials.
Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said: "The Mini is a British icon, and the Mini-cram has become a symbol of classic world record breaking, up there with cream-cracker eating and leaving your fingernails untrimmed.
sempervirens, the common box, which has oval leaves and will grow to 3m (10ft) if left untrimmed, has more compact and colourful varieties including 'Aureovariegata', which has yellow-blotched leaves; and B.
The 28nm temperature sensor is a highly integrated, low power, small form factor macro for monitoring temperature variation on-chip, allowing very high precision even in untrimmed usage.