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not trimmed



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Lamb show: Untrimmed (36kg-40kg): 1) G Davies, Bron Llan, 37.
Cut in half lengthwise one or two spring onions (depending on the amount of peas), and put them on the fire with oil and a generous amount of untrimmed smoked ham diced into small cubes.
The Londoner sports a bushy untrimmed beard, a permanent grin, and has a noisy niece who follows him round the Troon links heckling her uncle.
I have eyebrows to rival Dennis Healey's which, untrimmed, look like two gorse bushes just below the hair line.
She says problems are also caused by street furniture, untrimmed hedges and people parking on footpaths, as well as tables and chairs outside establishments in the city centre.
You show me a man who has a house, badly in need of paint, a closet full of shotguns and rifles, walls covered with prints of birds dogs and sporting scenes but no furniture, an untrimmed lawn and a yard full of retrievers, and I'll show you a man who spent his life dreaming--with very few regrets.
Not that all Canadians are prone to cardiac arrest at the sound of a fart or sight of an untrimmed beard.
Untrimmed nails, apart from being unattractive, usually attract germs and are prone to breaking from being slammed, hit or from other accidents.
The nails were left untrimmed for many weeks and they grew into the palm, cut through, and the wounds in the palm infected.
This happened during the Northeast Blackout of 2003 when untrimmed tree branches brushed against a power line, combining with a software bug in an alarm system to trigger a cascading failure that automatically took 265 power plants offline.
Pulps were printed on cheap paper with ragged, untrimmed edges.
Center-cut beef tenderloin is a splurge, but you can cut the cost by butchering a whole untrimmed tenderloin yourself (it's easy).
Left untrimmed, the fruit is likely to be undersized and poorly developed.
Inside, the interior seems basic at first but while there is plenty of untrimmed metal on view, the door handles and panels are stylish and pleasant to touch and use.