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not traveled over or through


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He displayed incredible toughness to try to recreate the untravelled journey 100 years after Shackleton's hopes of leading the first team across the Antarctic were crushed.
Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades/For ever and for ever
Considering that the outfit only arrived by Friday's train, the fact of the teams having been despatched and work commenced in a comparatively untravelled district a hundred miles away from the railway within a week after their arrival here speaks much for Mr.
Don't club penny Allam As an organisation, it is hardly in a position to tell a club owner not to explore untravelled commercial avenues.
Shinoda's own remix of Castle Of Glass and Rad Omen's Roads Untravelled are particularly strong but two versions of A Light That Never Comes - originally unlocked in an Xbox game - steal the show, the first with Aoki and the second a stripped back Rick Rubin reboot.
And even of what he knew, how much could he make his untravelled friend either apprehend or believe?
This four-night trip with Untravelled Paths is reduced by 30 per cent at PS391pp and includes bear tracking, B&B, a bilingual guide, hide visits, Dracula's Castle and the Libearty Bear Sanctuary, but excludes flights.
Life is a labyrinth with so many unreached destinations, so many untravelled roads and so many options to choose from.
The intended audience is broad: all those who are beginning to explore the untravelled byways of the soul, whether they define themselves as Christians or as non-religious spiritual questers.
trip has been planned by India Untravelled, a start- up founded by two youngsters wanted to focus on authentic travel experiences are also eco and socially responsible -- which means they make bookings at genuinely local places, usually homestays, but suggest you public transport to move around.
Being constructed only of insubstantial materials such as timber and canvas, these temporary structures could represent accurately sophisticated architectural designs that could not easily be got through to an unlettered and untravelled mason or bricklayer.
There's a change of direction, however, on Castle Of Glass and the wintry Roads Untravelled.
Estonians now just have to hope that with two prominent cases being untravelled in the country in such quick succession, our secret services have honed their spy-catching skills to such a level that red flags about some people would go up faster.
Sixteen of us, all women, were trained by Awaaz-e-Niswaan, an NGO [non-government organisation] providing education and career training to women, prompting us to take an untravelled path: a career in photography," Reshma told Gulf News.
The appearance of Silas and other wandering weavers "would have had nothing strange for people of average culture and experience" (54); but, for the villagers of Raveloe, "the world outside their own direct experience was a region of vagueness and mystery: to their untravelled thought a state of wandering was a conception as dim as the winter life of the swallows that come back with the spring" (51).