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Antonyms for untranslatable

not capable of being put into another form or style or language


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He returned to England with an idea: To create a database of meaningful, positive words for feelings, character traits and relationships that are untranslatable in English.
They also translated Edwar Kharrat's Rama and the Dragon (2002), which the author himself had said was untranslatable.
Takeda presents students, academics, and researchers with an investigation of the act of translating the untranslatable, as embodied in the work of avant-garde poets.
In its determination to fit into existing curricula translation studies ignored the concept of the untranslatable that prevents rather than enables communication across languages, cultures and disciplines.
Those who contend that Paul Celan's reinvention of poetry is untranslatable will be pleasantly surprised by Pierre Joris's extensive translations of and commentary on his work.
It is precisely not, to borrow an untranslatable phrase from Derrida, the Tout Autre as Tout Autre, but the Tout Autre as the same.
International abusers and investors in confronting ISIL Takfeerists have got a defective untranslatable plan of action notwithstanding the fact that certain sponsors of terrorism were invited on board the coalition," he argued.
Fans erupt in strenuous shouting matches with gestures and arm waving, most of which seem untranslatable.
negotiations of love's treaty would be brief and untranslatable.
But I think of a work of art that is untranslatable outside of its medium is a beautiful thing.
So Geniesst Deutschland den Feierabend describes the product as the way Germans enjoy the Feierabend, which is an untranslatable term meaning the time for enjoying one's self after a hard day's work.
The very structure of the writing-built on a tension between idiolectal aberrations and grammatically correct French forms-prevents us from dismissing Artaud's ostensibly untranslatable utterances as signs of his lapsing into the state of solipsistic self-enclosure that we might associate with madness, but gestures toward an attempt to reach outside and beyond the walls of his private malady.
With the trials of Radclyffe Hall's The Well of Loneliness (1928) in recent memory, Woolf used the untranslatable as a site to acknowledge but also "shield" homosexuality, a topic too fraught to be "named in ordinary public discourse" (11, 122).
Indeed the frame could be described, in the untranslatable German word, as a gesamtkunstwerk (the work that unites all the art and architecture in the spaces they define).
The untranslatable pun in the title suggests an age of foolishness (both as an era and adolescence in general) as well as the savagery and violence of this dark story, with another possible interpretation being "The Beastly Age.