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not capable of being put into another form or style or language


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To return to Derrida's statement cited at the beginning of this paragraph, that he does not believe that "anything can ever be untranslatable--or, moreover, translatable" (Derrida, 2001:178), we could say the following: Nothing can ever be untranslatable because every sign is repeatable, and nothing can be translatable because it can only be repeated in a different context which, according to Davis (2001:34), causes the possibilities for its meaning to remain open.
This statement, with its untranslatable play on ius and iniuria, is adapted from a famous maxim in Cicero, De officiis 1.
Zolov does a fine job with the lyrics--besides his critical attention to their meaning, he also translates the nearly untranslatable, and with panache--but says little about how these songs sounded.
This confrontation is untranslatable to others and is not discussible.
Uncircumcised lips" in the original Hebrew was likely a metaphor that is simply untranslatable, and we have lost its original meaning.
Nothing I've read so poignantly captures the untranslatable texture of Hollywood's gold dust.
What I love most is the gaiety, the music and the food,'' said Shoard, who sat eating bratwurst and sauerkraut and soaking in the ``gemutlichkeit'' - an untranslatable German word, he said, that alone describes the gaiety and warmth of an Oktoberfest event.
He argues, for example, that Arabic and Hebrew are "oriental languages built for poetry" and are "essentially untranslatable into European languages.
And even this hypothetical all-inclusive neutral language would need additional capabilities to deal with the untranslatable functions it encountered.
AJC Executive Director David Harris expressed his admiration for Samaras as a "cherished and long-time 'philos' (friend), who embodies the Greek words 'tharos' (courage), 'simbonia' (empathy for others), and 'philotimo' -- the essential elements of which, as I understand a word I'm told is largely untranslatable, are dignity and honor.
1020 and Cruibes n[degrees]21, both 2013, were also shown; their untranslatable title is a mash-up of the French words for "curved" and "straight," courbes and droites.
As David Bellos remarks, "everything is effable," and the untranslatable does not exist in a literal sense.
One of the most powerful of them was furberia, an almost untranslatable terra combining craftiness, dishonesty, and the ability to get away with things and be admired for doing so.
In a video installation titled, "The Mute Tongue, 19 Short Video Scenes of 19 Arabic Proverbs and Sayings on 19 Monitors," various proverbs, including some seemingly untranslatable phrases such as "he is cold but he farts blankets" and "he's even confused by his own balls" are acted out silently and to hilarious effect on camera.