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not confined or limited


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This important remnant of untrammelled royal power is now vested in the hands of the Prime Minister.
A soloist is at the mercy of conductor and orchestra: no-one more so than Kempf, but thankfully the exquisite singing solo line in the slow movement shone through as the players responded in kind and his untrammelled cadenzas were a joy to the ear.
Biotal will again be supporting a series of free-for-all races for the top grade horses to leave their imprint of power, and the magnet of best-pacers in the region doing battle untrammelled by handicaps will surely be irresistible to the ever-growing crowds.
If anything the impact was even greater, allowing Handel's glorious music to be heard untrammelled by visual contrivance.
Conductor Clive Griffiths crafted some splendid pianissimos from his singers but one would have wished for more items untrammelled by piano or canned electronic 'orchestra'.
But scientist have found that mountain peaks which give the impression of pristine, untrammelled beauty may be smothered with poisonous industrial waste.
Local representatives should have untrammelled power to decide on the infrastructure changes required.
The ruling Party has acknowledged the damage that decades of untrammelled economic growth have done to China's skies, rivers and soil.
The real answer is not to toy with untrammelled market forces which are causing runaway climate change, but to create a green-collar economy whereby we meld two of our biggest problems, climate change and unemployment, and solve them through using green technologies.
One example of the sectarian nature of the Al Abadi cabinet is the new Interior Minister Mohammed Gabban, who is a little-known politician from the Badr Organisation, a powerful militia, which, under Al Maliki, was largely merged into the Iraqi Army and gave one section of Iraqis untrammelled authority in the armed forces and security services.
There are inherent dangers in untrammelled snooping powers, not to mention clashes with legislation designed to protect our civil liberties.
In Oodnadatta for the naming ceremony, Ms Gago said that this commemoration suitably reflects Mr Plate s untrammelled, adventurous spirit.
This would be a cynical act of power-play, but there is nothing as cynical as a Tory politician hungry for untrammelled rule.
Its opera of choice is Lohengrin, mawkishly sentimental in its grandiose story-line and with foursquare music totally at odds with the purportedly untrammelled unfolding of its action.