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not confined or limited


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Liberals, she notes, try "to tame the logic of the market in economic life" and then "celebrate a nearly untrammeled laissez-faire in cultural and sexual life"; their conservative opponents think it possible to introduce "constraints and controls in the cultural and sexual sphere but embrace a nearly unconstrained market.
Over the years, his "paintings," as Bickerton terms all his work, were increasingly infused with an obsessive "escape from New York" fantasy, buoyed by soft, lush images of untrammeled nature.
But this does not really prevent the density and development alternatives that Downs (and the untrammeled market) favor.
If we start managing wilderness the same way we manage lands outside of wilderness, through active manipulation, we lose the untrammeled baseline," Macfarlane wrote.
a) a bank guarantee for the applicant (if the applicant is required to return the original bank guarantee before the expiry of its tender, the tender shall submit the original bank guarantee free, untrammeled med and offer its officially certified copy bundled with internet)
In an effort to centralize the attention of his audience, Kanye West is planning to uninvited Oprah to his Parisian wedding because he might just not get untrammeled attention in his wedding.
Of all the legislation passed by the US Congress, the Wilderness Act is among the most eloquent, distinguished by its poetic definition of a wild place: "A wilderness, in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, is hereby recognized as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.
The era of untrammeled consumerism is over, and nowadays issues such as global warming and the environment are at the top of people's list of issues.
If the swallow represents rural contentment then the swift literally screams of wild, untrammeled nature.
In between rugged mountain peaks and the shimmering coast you'll traverse untrammeled landscapes and rolling hills with vineyards that still produce the world's oldest named dessert wine, sweet Commandaria.
to require that lands be completely untrammeled prior to being
Analysts also said that the deal now also gives ABI untrammeled access to the Mexican market.
Leading green groups are outraged because this would undermine 1964's Wilderness Act which expressly bans motor vehicles on these last wild vestiges of untrammeled American land.
Within the spiritually and physically precarious African environment, it delivers--in the words of its adherents--"spiritual empowerment for personal and collective progress" and "the possibility of controlling untrammeled powers through individual faith and prayer" (p.
The gallery's transparent exterior (designed by David Adjaye, it glitters with glass) held out the promise of untrammeled access.