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not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training


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It is pleasant to think of the gloomy, untrained genius throwing off his gloom and bending all his talents to the task of teaching and amusing this little delicate child of seven.
When all is said, the book remains the greatest example in literature of what absolute earnestness may make possible for a plain and untrained man.
With the fiddles working themselves to the bone and the piano bounding under its persecutor's blows, Lady Wetherby ducked, side-stepped, rushed, and sprang, moving her arms in a manner that may have been classical Greek, but to the untrained eye looked much more like the last round of some open-air bout.
This is foolish, Hector; more like an untrained pup than a sensible hound; one who has got his education by hard experience, and not by nosing over the trails of other dogs, as a boy in the settlements follows on the track of his masters, be it right or be it wrong.
This the knight was chiefly desirous of avoiding, conscious that the men whom he led, being hasty and untrained volunteers, imperfectly armed and unaccustomed to discipline, must, upon any sudden attack, fight at great disadvantage with the veteran soldiers of the Norman knights, who were well provided with arms both defensive and offensive; and who, to match the zeal and high spirit of the besiegers, had all the confidence which arises from perfect discipline and the habitual use of weapons.
Some of such things have been hit upon in the last resort of surgery; most of the kindred evidence that will recur to your mind has been demonstrated as it were by accident,--by tyrants, by criminals, by the breeders of horses and dogs, by all kinds of untrained clumsy-handed men working for their own immediate ends.
In the only place where she was known she was surrounded by indifference or animosity; and what chance had she, inexperienced and untrained, among the million bread-seekers of the cities?
Knut's Garissa branch has proposed steps, including the untrained teachers programme, to end al Shabaab attacks on non-locals in the North Eastern region.
In this new trial study, the researchers wanted to see if people who had been previously trained to manage their portions would respond differently to increasing portion sizes by comparison with untrained people.
Summary: Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) [India], Jan 11 (ANI): One of the untrained drivers, roped in to drive buses in Coimbatore, rammed into a roundabout on the eighth day of the statewide bus strike in Tamil Nadu on Thursday.
I agree with the DOH that spas and massage clinics should hire only certified massage therapists, that untrained hands could cause catastrophic results, and a wrong massage can lead to stroke or bone damage especially on scoliotic clients.
KASUR -- The rising number of motorcycle rickshaws being driven by untrained and underage drivers is now taking its toll on public lives, warranting stringent measures to discourage the trend.
A quality programme of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) for in-service untrained teachers training Diploma in Elementary Education (D.
Specific responses are taught that result in the emergence of untrained responses.
According to the Delhi Legal Service Authority ( DLSA), some of the hospitals which do have counsellors have untrained and inefficient ones.