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not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training


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I doubt it, children in Bahrain are probably untrainable.
The 26-year-old remains very much a rough diamond - witness his overly-ambitious attempt to score a second shortly afterwards with two team-mates screaming for a pass - but he possesses that untrainable knack of being in the right place at the right time, a trait of all successful goalscorers.
The first thing we learned is that men are often untrainable.
We were at our wit's end when a co-worker mentioned a dog training service he used to rein in his unruly mutt: Bark Busters, a company that promises it can train the most untrainable dogs.
His barbarian captors have encountered a feral child; they have netted him and caged him, and brought him to their village as a kind of curiosity or untrainable pet.
A police force led by untrained and untrainable recruits who, according to countless reports, are inspired by bribes and under the influence of locally-grown drugs.
Are these workers this untrainable, or are we just accepting a pitiful work ethic and pathetic approach to business?
I'm starting to think he's untrainable but he is such a cute dog with his freckled nose.
Mark said: "I also ended up with four brown mice as well simply because I couldn't resist them, but the first white mouse was untrainable.
Bred to be top-class on the Flat, the winner was bought cheaply out of John Hammond's stable, having proved all but untrainable in his younger days.
If you really think you're so untrainable or clumsy that you can't off-safe a gun like this, get the decocker-only version, or a double action only "slickslide" variation with no lever at all.
But having seen it for the first time on DVD, I found his attempt to add historic perspective to the story of Seabiscuit - a horse that was dismissed countless times in its early career as too small, too slow or simply untrainable - gave it a context that resonated throughout the film.
These experiments were mainly used to test the hypothesis that a large imbalance between the number of inputs and outputs produced untrainable networks (previously described).
Fresh-picked wildflowers stuffed into one of our wheel-thrown, wood-fired stoneware vases often adorn the bar, as does our naughty untrainable kitten, Langston.