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not disciplined or conditioned or made adept by training


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I doubt it, children in Bahrain are probably untrainable.
Monte had found himself in a canine rescue centre in New Zealand because his owners said he was untrainable.
Complete with a still-believable monster attraction - as well as a tiny, untrainable fly landing on the 'wrong' shark that's captured early on - Jaws is a proper, oldfashioned film.
This defines energy in a way that hunters easily understand and may encourage them to look for energy that fits their hunting styles, rather than knocking truly energetic dogs by cursing them as hyper and judging them untrainable.
For example, Wright (1999, 460) argues that the maquila industry produces a female Mexican subject "around a continuum of declining value" through managerial discourses that characterize Mexican women as desirable and docile workers but at the same time regard them as untrainable and unskilled.
A third-rate travelling show in financial dire straits, their manager (Christoph Waltz) is pinning all his hopes on Rosie, a new and seemingly untrainable elephant.
The 26-year-old remains very much a rough diamond - witness his overly-ambitious attempt to score a second shortly afterwards with two team-mates screaming for a pass - but he possesses that untrainable knack of being in the right place at the right time, a trait of all successful goalscorers.
The first thing we learned is that men are often untrainable.
We were at our wit's end when a co-worker mentioned a dog training service he used to rein in his unruly mutt: Bark Busters, a company that promises it can train the most untrainable dogs.
His barbarian captors have encountered a feral child; they have netted him and caged him, and brought him to their village as a kind of curiosity or untrainable pet.
A police force led by untrained and untrainable recruits who, according to countless reports, are inspired by bribes and under the influence of locally-grown drugs.
Are these workers this untrainable, or are we just accepting a pitiful work ethic and pathetic approach to business?
Mean girls, an untrainable songbird, a failed swimming test, a haunted turret--what else can go wrong?
I'm starting to think he's untrainable but he is such a cute dog with his freckled nose.