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Synonyms for untraditional

not conforming to or in accord with tradition

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Primary Care System Accelerate -- Increasingly data-powered and price-sensitive healthcare consumers search for ways to receive care in untraditional ways.
The 59-year-old added that although Stedman is a traditional man, they have a very untraditional relationship.
If you ever interviewed him [Stedman], he would tell you that had we married we would not be together today because he's a traditional man and this is a very untraditional relationship," she added.
Schmidt does public speaking on such topics as how to reach out to new customers in completely untraditional ways, how to build an entirely new corporate culture and how to understand and leverage basic needs to improve competitiveness.
Merry, an untraditional holiday witch, is cruelly locked in a cave by the other witches who steal children's presents and try to ruin Christmas, just to punish Merry for being different.
IT has become very common for some of those strident voices aspiring to join the political class to hide from arguing their policies, avoiding either a logical, intelligible discussion of important matters, or even showing a very untraditional lack of respect for that which is right or wrong, or true and fair.
However, BRJ will continue to finance such projects in the event that the location is appropriate, but the priority will be for outstanding and untraditional projects that depend upon technology and computer software, creativity areas such as writing novels, film production, painting, photography, or other similar projects that contribute to the community and provide more job opportunities for the Saudi young people.
We're an untraditional American cider company," said Bruce Nissen, Crispin head cider maker.
Summary: In a country known for its surfeit of shops, there is one obvious but untraditional way thousands celebrated Eid this time around.
Being recognised as a Facebook case study for the GCC highlights our company's winning formula of a traditional food using untraditional menu options and marketing means to win the hearts, minds and stomachs of our customers and potential franchise partners," added Malas.
The pop superstar, 65, said he and partner David Furnish had talked about the prospect of Zachary being targeted over his untraditional family set-up before they fathered him with a surrogate mother 15 months ago.
The central idea is creating an untraditional school environment where students are engaged and want to learn.
In a speech, Arslan stressed that the media campaign is a new world war waged by untraditional means to achieve the interests of Israel and the colonialism powers.
If the state does not take measures against the untraditional and dangerous religions, clashes like this in Burgas will continue to happen.
NINEWA / Aswat al-Iraq: An official security source warned Tuesday local residents in Talafar of untraditional means by gunmen to implement their attacks.